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Silk Road

"A ray of the rising sun touched the scalloped ridge of ice-fields in the Tibetan Alps and threw a pink veil over their snowy slopes, but the great mass of the mountain range was still in the grip of death-like hue which marks the last resistance of night to the coming day. The morning star was still visible, but it was grey dawn on the plain below, and light was rapidly gaining...
At the foot of the mountain lay the old travel road, wide and deeply marked, literally cut to bits by the sharp, nail-studded wheels of countless caravan carts. The ruts parted and merged, then spread again, as the eddies of a current mark the face of a river. On this road myriads of travellers had journeyed for thousands of years, making of it a ceaselessly flowing stream of life, for it was the great highway of Asia, which connected the Far East with distant European lands."
Mildred Cable and Francesca French, Missionaries, quoted in The Silk Road: Two Thousand Years in the Heart of Asia by Frances Wood, p. 10

When one hears the word "Silk Road" uttered it brings to mind a world of adventure, mystery and romance that were embedded in the ancient world and its sophisticated trade networks that allowed precious goods of many types to move between the Europe and the Far East. High on the list of goods that were coveted by people of the various countries through which the Silk/Caravan Road passed were perfumes, attars, unguents, resins, spices, and precious aromatic woods that were widely appreciated both for their secular and religious value.

Silk Road Perfume includes aromatics that were traded along the maritime and caravan routes or fragrant plants that may have been encountered by travelers along those ancient highways.

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