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Winter Radiance

The winter holiday season is upon us with the beauty and mystery of life being celebrated in numerous ways by cultures throughout the world. It the northern hemisphere the people living in many countries experience the winter season with its cooler temperatures and shorter days. Winter Radiance PotpourriThis naturally draws us towards a quiet, contemplative state of heart and mind where one may draw nearer to simple truths that bring the grand mystery of existence into clearer focus and give purpose and meaning to the life journey.

Nature, herself, becomes somber and stark as the color and brightness of the flowers, trees, shrubs, vines and herbs that enliven the environment at other times of year become dormant. There is a great elegance and beauty in such simple landscapes that play no small part in inspiring us to re-examine the reason we are living in the world and what we can do in our small way to make brighten up our lives and those we come in contact with.

One of the simple pleasures, bringing warmth and sweetness to the home environment in which one lives, can be achieved through the creation of potpourri. There are many aromatic botanicals which have been used and are used now in the form of incense and perfumes to sharpen ones focus on inner life. Frankincense and myrrh are in Western culture renowned for there role in sacred tradition. Other botanicals were used in preparing festive meals or because they were special treats that one might only enjoy at that season of the year. Many spices with their aromatic aromas and citrus fruits, which were once rare holiday treats for many people fall in this category. People in many countries have also enjoyed bringing into their homes scented green coniferous foliage to decorate with the homes in various ways. There is a vast fragrant wealth to draw upon if one wishes to pursue this lovely creative work.

Another dimension of creating a visual perfume for the holiday season is that one may start collecting and drying various botanicals for it during any season of the year when they are available. In almost every environment there are some types of mosses berries, cones, flowers, etc that can be harvested for making ones aromatic creation later on in the year. It can be a family affair and a great nature education for ones children and oneself as well. There are many elegant shapes, forms and colors as well as scents of plants to be found in mountains, meadows, forests etc, many of which can be dried. It can become a wonderful exercise in observation of the world around one and children, with their natural sense of wonder alive and active, can often discover things which one might never have considered from the angle of visual perfume creation. In fact one may include beautiful stones, shells, and other precious gifts from nature in their creations. In that way the visual perfume can also tell a story of personal discovery.

For the holiday season we have created Winter Radiance Visual Perfume using various botanicals to create a gold, brown, red and green theme and blending into essential oils and spices with a resinous, spicy, citrus scent.


Winter Radiance Potpourri for the Holiday
Natural Botanicals:

1 lb frankincense tears
1 lb star anise
1 lb dried orange peel
2 lbs corn cob grains(for the fixative)
8 ounces green cedar tips
1 lb red lichii berries
8 ounces birch pine cones
4 ounce grey oak moss

Essence blend:

2 ounces Sweet Orange eo
1 1/2 ounces Frankincense Cedarwood Absolute
1/2 ounce Fir Balsam Absolute
1/4 ounce Star Anise eo
1/8 ounce Cinnamon bark eo
1 ounce Pine Needle Absolute
1/2 ounce Templin(Fir Cone) eo