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Generally speaking, perfumes tend to be invisible expressions of feelings, emotions or experiences that the perfume creator has in their heart and mind when they are creating it. Sometimes the perfume genie is captured in a beautiful ornate bottle which helps to convey something of the story it wishes to tell.

But there is another approach one can take to the subject that includes natural botanical materials such as spices, herbs, resins, cones, pods etc that give an added dimension of color, texture, form and scent to ones perfume. In days-gone-by these were called as potpourri's and one could as well call them that now but one might also bestow the name of "visual perfumes" upon them (or any other name one might like)

Nowadays the range of natural botanical materials available to the person who wishes to give this added visual dimension to their perfumes is greatly increased from the past. There are many companies that specialize in these types of materials and taking the time to explore their offerings can be a very inspiring experience. One can quickly discern by perusing their online catalogs that with a little creative imagination one could create wonderful visual perfumes that could be a joy to behold and smell. During the next few years I will occasionally present a recipe for a visual perfume with hopes that it might inspire others to create even more original and beautiful creations.

The heart of a visual perfume lies in the fixative base which absorbs the essences that are poured into and mixed with it. In past times the main fixative base that was used was orris root(in powdered form for sachets and in chipped form for potpourri) Orris root has become increasingly expensive and now one can fine a very cost effective fixative which is made from chipped corn cobs. For a few dollars a pound one can obtain it from most companies which specialize in dried herbs, roots, spices etc.

CocoaTonkaNilla Visual Perfume
The first perfume in this series is CocoaTonkaNilla. A simple combination of cocoa absolute, tonka absolute, vanilla absolute and cinnamon bark essential oil. As mentioned above this essences are added to the corn cob chip fixative base:

16 ounces of corn cob chips
2.5 ounces of Cocoa abs
.125(1/8th ounce) Tonka Bean Absolute
.25(1/4 ounce) Vanilla Absolute
.125(1/8th ounce) Cinnamon bark eo

This is allowed to mature in tightly sealed glass jar for 2 months.

In the meantime one can combine and let natural botanical ingredients age together, as they will substantially contribute to the scent of this particular visual perfume:

32 ounces Cocoa bean nibs
16 ounces Cinnamon chips
16 ounces Tonka Beans
8 ounces of Vanilla Beans(I buy the whole beans and then chop them up)

At the end of two months add them together and enjoy the most incredibly delicious aromatic bouquet.

Please note that this visual perfume is not meant for internal consumption. You might think it smells good enough to eat--but please don't.  It is meant simply to be enjoyed as a delicious fragrance.

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