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One of my many interests in natural aromatics centers around the use of aromatic botanicals for making liquid incense and perfumes that in some way might reflect the specific religious traditions ie Christian, Moslem, Jewish, Egyptian, Tibetan, Chinese, Light through stained glassPersian, etc that gave birth to them. With the passage of the years I have become sensitive to the aromatic smoke from traditional incense (I have burned copious amounts in my life) so I wanted to make some lovely liquid incenses and perfumes which might be placed in a simple diffuser life the AromaStone so I could enjoy the radiance and beauty of those olfactory treasures without smoke. In doing numerous experiments I discovered this was a delightful way to experience essential oils, co2 extracts, attars, and absolutes either singly or in combination. The simple warming effect of the AromaStone allowed the liquid incense or perfumes to gently release their aromatic aroma into the surrounding atmosphere where I could enjoy it in a deep and complete way-a sort of surround sound of the aromatic world. What was an equally great delight was to realize that just a few drops of these natural perfumes and liquid incenses would continue to exert their sublime effect for many hours or even days. So it has proved a very cost effective way to enjoy this refined world of natural fragrances as well.

In the early days of my life I attended Roman Catholic church services. The favorite part for me was the burning of the incense. It captivated my attention like no other part of the Mass. Somehow, the incense drew me into the heart of mystery which seemed to underlie all the outer symbolic rites and rituals conducted in the church and this strong feeling that something special existed, though not externally perceptible remained with me as the different stages of life unfolded. The lovely aroma of frankincense to this day conveys this sense of wonder and beauty to the heart in a simple and direct way although the love of many other fragrances has arisen through the years and have taken their rightful place along side of it.

Matins Perfume was created in honor of that early introduction to the enchanting scented universe. Matins is the term associated with the monastic tradition of night or early morning worship-a time when the world is at peace and the simple odor of incense penetrates deep into the heart and draws ones attention towards the inner life.

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