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Sugandhi Floral Chypre

Floral chypres can draw upon a wide Forest Flowersrange of sweet floral absolutes and eo's to create aromatic highlights from the exotic to the classical. Essences that can be incorporated into this category- Jasmin auriculatum abs, neroli eo , orange blossom abs, white champa co2, ylang abs, rose otto, rose abs, and Jasmin grandiflorum abs. Sugandhi Chypre takes a Basic Cypre Basic Accord, a Cypre Middle Accord, and adds a Floral Tier:

Floral Tier
1 ounce Jasmin sambac absolue
1/2 ounce clove bud  absolute
1/2 Neroli eo
1 ounce White Champa eo

Chype Basic accord
3 ounces bergamot essential oil
1.5 ounces oakmoss absolute
1 ounce lime  essential oil
3/4 ounce labdanum  absolute

Chypre Middle Accord
2 ounces patchouli absolute
1 ounce sandalwood eo
1/8th ounce ambrette seed eo
1/16th angelica root eo

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