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Santosh Herbal Chypre

"Santosh" means contentment and our herbal chypre perfume is a middle tier accord which gives added smoothness, depth and tenacity to the composition while contributing soft, precious woods, slighty rich herbaceous, musky notes to the tangy, resinous elegant mossy-earthy notes of the first accord (labdanum, oakmoss and bergamot/lime). The Herbal (or Green) Chypre relies on leaf, herb and scented grass oils to give this subcategory of chypres its restful, comforting and garden sanctuary feel. Moroccan chamomile eo and abs, erigeron eo, geranium eo and abs, basil eo and abs, tarragon eo and abs, helichrysum eo and abs, blue chamomile eo and co2, english chamomile eo, bay leaf eo and abs, davana eo, hyssop eo, hops eo and co2, sage clary eo and abs can be effectively used in this sub category of chypres.

Santosh Herbal Chypre combines the Chypre Basic Accord, the Chypre Middle Accord recipe, and adds in delightful herbaceous notes all its own.

Basic Chype accord
3 ounces bergamot essential oil
1.5 ounces oakmoss absolute
1 ounce lime essence essential oil
3/4 ounce labdanum "amber note" absolute

Chypre Middle Tier Accord
2 ounces patchouli
1 ounce sandalwood eo
1/8th ounce ambrette seed co2
1/16th angelica root eo

Herbaceous Tier
1/2 geranium eo
1/4 davana eo
1/2 ounce hyssop eo
1/4 ounce basil eo
1/4 lavender eo
1/2 ounce hops co2
3/4 ounce rosemary verbenone eo

It is very important to remember though that in the realm of natural perfumery one may never be able to exactly replicate what they have done before from an olfactory standpoint because the botanical essences one uses tend to vary in their aromatic properties according to many factors including the country from which they come, the manner in which they are distilled or extracted, the year that they were harvested, their age, etc. This can be a challenge, but it is also what makes natural perfumery creations so interesting, vibrant and alive.

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