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Madhuban Coniferous Chypre

Madhuban means "fragrant forest" in Hindi. The coniferous chypres draw upon the deep fir, pine and cedar absolutes in combination with their lighter essential oil counterparts  to create essences which reflect a contemplative mood. Fir balsam abs andConifer cones eo, White cedar abs and eo (Thuja orientalis), blue spruce abs and eo, silver fir eo, forest/scotch pine eo, ocean pine eo, cypress abs and eo, douglas fir eo, cedarleaf eo, oakmoss abs.

Madhuban combines the Chypre Basic accord, the Chypre Middle accord, and adds a coniferous tier.

Chype Basic accord
3 ounces bergamot essential oil
1.5 ounces oakmoss absolute
1 ounce lime essence essential oil
3/4 ounce labdanum absolute

Chypre Middle Accord
2 ounces patchouli
1 ounce sandalwood eo
1/8th ounce ambrette seed co2 or eo
1/16th angelica root eo

Coniferous Tier
1/2 ounce Fir Balsam Absolute
1 ounce Templin (Silver Fir Cone) eo
1 ounce Silver Fir eo
1/2 Black Spruce Absolute

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