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Winter Solstice


O Winter! ruler of the inverted year, . . .

I crown thee king of intimate delights,

Fireside enjoyments, home-born happiness,

And all the comforts that the lowly roof

Of undisturb'd Retirement, and the hours

Of long uninterrupted evening, know.

William Cowper (1731 - 1800), Task (bk. IV, l. 120)

The Winter Solstice Perfume brings together two of the perfume essences that Suzanne and I have created i.e.,. the Masala Chai Perfume and the Himachal Perfume. One of the really nifty things about creating the perfumes is that they can be used both as a unique, stand alone perfume, or they can be combined with each other to create yet another special essence. To these two essences have also been added several essential oils that help create the feeling of this lovely, contemplative Winter Season.

The Winter Solstice Solid Perfume is comprised of:

1 ounce of Himachal Perfume (posted in the recipe section of the web site)
2/3 ounce of Masala Chai Perfume (recipe in this newsletter)
1/3 ounce of Frankincense essential oil
1/6 ounce of Myrrh essential oil 
1/3 ounce of Tangerine  essential oil
1/3 ounce of Sweet Orange  essential oil
1/16 ounce of Labdanum Absolute

For a solid perfume you can add this in a 10-20% proportion to a blend of Beeswax and Marula, Jojoba, Baobab or some other carrier oil. The proportion would be 4 ounces of the carrier oil to 1 ounce of Beeswax.