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Island of the Moon Perfume Recipe

One of the ancient names for Madagascar translated into English is "Island of the Moon". I decided to make a perfume based on blending essences distilled or extracted from plants that grow there. One of the many inspirations that arise in thinking of creating perfumes comes simply by researching which aromatic plants have been grown in a particular country both in ancient and modern times and then selecting from the list several which I feel will work well together. The actual essences that we offer may not have actually been procured from Madagascar as the aromatic plants that produce them grow in other countries from which we procure our palette of offerings but the plants themselves do grow there.

Remember that it is very important to allow all the ingredients that are used in the recipe to mature together for six months after the blending is done. This allows them to settle into a balanced relationship with each other. Then-according to ones own needs the perfume concentrate can be used in various percentages with alcohol or carrier oils to create a wide variety of products such as massage oils, colognes, perfumes, after shave lotions etc etc.

Following are basic guidelines:

Perfume extract, or simply perfume (Extrait): 15-40% (IFRA: typical 20%) perfume concentrate
Eau de Parfum , Parfum de Toilette : 10-20% (typical ~15%) perfume concentrate, sometimes listed as "eau de perfume" or "millésime"
Toilette Water: 5-15% (typical ~10%) perfume concentrate
Cologne : 3-8% (typical ~5%) perfume concentrate
Perfume mist: 3-8% perfume concentrate (typical non-alcohol solvent)
Splash (EdS) and After shave: 1-3% perfume concentrate
Massage oil-1-3% perfume concentrate
--see "Perfume", Wikipedia