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Gioia Perfume

Tuscany landscape ¬©michele Galli"But from the memories which the fragrance of the orris stirs for desire no deliverance—they are too beautiful; for whenever a breath of its perfume blows across my way, I see again these pale purple lakes, wind-ruffled beneath the clinging silver mist of the olives; recall once more those still summer nights when the air was full of the scent of the drying roots, and in the profound silence, while the fire-flies wove their magical embroidery above the cornfields, the rising moon poured its pale gold upon the country, and the stars looked down upon the sleeping land."

--Tuscan Feasts and Tuscan Friends by Dorothy Nevile Lees

1/4 ounce Basil absolute

1/4 ounce Bay Leaf essential oil

1/4 ounce Violet Leaf Absolute

1/2 ounce Rosemary essential oil

1/2 ounce Neroli Essential Oil

2 ounces Bergamot essential oil

1/4 ounce Orris Root CO2 extract

1/4 ounce Genet "Broom" Absolute


This month we are presenting a perfume recipe which may provide some ideas for your own perfume creations. It is called Gioia (pronounced Joy-ah) -- the Italian word for "Joy."

It contains many natural essences that have been traditionally grown in Italy and Sicily and hopefully it captures something of the spirit of the land. Anyone who orders in the month of September and is considering making a similar perfume may request a sample of this intriguing essence.