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This recipe is called Amrit, which means nectar. In the area where I lived in South India, the air in the evening was charged with delicious aromas emerging invisibly out of the tropical night air. Mysterious, sweet, soft and exotic--a true celestial aromatic food.

Frangipani was selected for its rich exotic waxy floral odor which contains within it hints of orange blossom, honey and ginger lily.

Vanilla CO2 was selected for its elegant, sweet, woody-spicy, balsamic aroma.

Coconut Absolute possesses fine war soft buttery-nutty, fatty waxy bouquet. It does not exert a tremendous individual olfactory influence on a tropical composition but acts in harmony with the vanilla to soften, harm and warm it.

Ambrette Seed Absolute is a great treasure for the aspiring perfumer. It must be used with great discretion as it can easily dominate a composition. It's common name in India is Musk Dana or Musk Seed as the odor bears some similarity to animal musk. Its overall profile is sweet, rich, floral musk with a distinct wine or brandy like odor. Its tenacity is legendary.

The attar of Sona Champa/Michelia champaca is distilled from the lovely golden flowers of a tree that is rightly called the Tree of Paradise.

Ylang Ylang acts as a perfect "go-between" from the exhalted champa, frangipani, jasmin complex to the quiet pomegranite, coconut, vanilla one.

Jasmin auriculatum or Juhi as it is called in India is comparatively little known in the world of natural aromatics.  It has an amazing aroma-possessing both the fine light ethereal sweet floral notes of Jasmin grandiflorum along with the deep sultry oriental ones found in Jasmin sambac. It is considered an indigenous jasmin of India and has found use in traditional cosmetic and medicinal systems for hundreds of years.

Please note that this is a perfume recipe, not a blend to be taken internally.

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