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Spring Violets

This addition to the recipe collection features those essential oils, c02 extracts and absolutes which share qualities found in the violet range of aromas. Violet Leaf, of course, is central to the violetscreation of a violet themed aroma with its penetrating green leafy herbaceous notes concealed within which one finds the delicate floral notes of the delicate flowers. To bring the violet flower notes out the orris root co2 extract is drawn upon as it contains the lovely ionone aroma molecule which predominates in the flowers. A number of other precious essences contribute to the overall bouquet which is meant to create the rustic feeling of warmth, simplicity, and innocence that surround this sweet and humble plant.

Here is a brief description of the different essences that contribute to the overall bouquet of Spring Violet Perfume:

Cassie (Acacia farnesiana) Absolute-dark yellow or pale brown viscous liquid, with extremely warm, powdery spicy odor which is at the same time herbaceous and floral with a deep and very tenacious cinnamic-balsamic undertone.

Mimosa (Acacia decurrens, A. dealbata and several other Acacia species) Absolute-a very viscous, amber or yellowish viscous liquid or semi solid mass. It has a very rich , floral-woody, slightly green odor resembling cassie . It is sweeter, more natural flower like but less spicy complex than cassie

Oakmoss (Ervenaria prunasti)Absolute-a dark green semi-solid or solid mass with a dry, woody-earthy, slightly tar-like but delicate and pleasant odor, reminiscent of seashore, forest, bark, green foliage, wood and tannery

Orris Root CO2-solid pale beige waxy mass with a woody, fatty-oily, distinctly violet-like odor, with a fruity undertone, sweet-floral, warm and tenacious

Ambrette CO2-solid pale beige waxy mass to transparent viscous liquid with rich, sweet, floral-musky, distinctly wine-like or brandy-like odor with a bouquet and roundness rarely found in any other perfume material

Costus Root Essential Oil -pale yellow to brownish yellow, viscous liquid with a peculiar soft, but extremely tenacious odor, reminiscent of old, precious wood, orris root, fatty (but not rancid) acids with a distinctly animalic or sebaceous undertone.

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