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Hawaiian Lei

The Lei is a reflection of oneness,Hawaiian Lei
From this loving land,
an adornment for you
-Pualani Kanaka'ole Kanahele

We have created an Hawaiian Lei Perfume in honor of the beautiful tradition of creating the special floral garlands that have their roots in ancient Hawaiian and Polynesian culture. In ancient times people living in close proximity to nature in the South Pacific Islands evolved their own traditions to express their attitude toward the universe they lived in. The island paradises they lived on abounded in botanical treasures that served many purposes from the practical to the spiritual. Everything that they needed to live on had to be drawn from the environments in which they lived and it was most natural that a special reverence for all life forms should be woven into their ways of thinking and living. The sentient world including things seen and unseen was considered alive and conscious and so needed to be appreciated and used with proper appreciation and sensitivity.

The "lei" in the early stages of Hawaiian culture was a profoundly beautiful means of expressing outwardly some of the most sacred parts of the life experience: love, friendship, devotion, death.
The plants that were used for creating these enchanting aromatic garlands each had their own legends and myths as to how they came into being. These special stories were charged with meaning and significance and those beholding them understood the story that there was a specific purpose in choosing each for incorporation into each special type of lei. Flowers, leaves, vines, and herbs were selected with meaning and purpose to tell a story that had great cultural significance and much sacred knowledge was passed from generation to generation through the agency of leis.

Later in the history of the Hawaiian people, when foreignors, started visiting her shores regularly in the early 1800's, the deep spiritual significance of the lei and its many exact symbolic meanings began to be lost and the by degrees it became a simple and beautiful gesture of friendship and welcome. Nonetheless, the deeper knowledge has a way of being preserved and at the appropriate time gets awakened again.

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