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Fairy Flower

In the late spring, here in the Pacific Northwest, one finds in the mixed conifer forest the lovely, delicate fairy flower or twin flower growing over crumbling logs and fallen trees. From above the small rounded glossy green leaves of this creeping sub-shrub, rise up tiny, nodding, twin flowerpinkish-white flowers, appearing in twin sets, off a single stem which branches into two. Thousands of these elegant botanical treasures may appear in certain areas, scenting the air with an ethereal essence that is of a rare and precious beauty captivating the heart with its simple innocent, purity and sweetness. In its bouquet one perceives notes of almond, citrus, rose-jasmine-orange blossom accord, frankincense and a very high ethereal note as is sometimes found in blue lotus.

Its scientific name is Linnaea borealis. It was the favorite flower of Linneaus the great Swedish botanists and the plant was given its name by his esteemed teacher, Jan Frederik Gronovius. Hence "Linnea" is for Linneaus and "borealis" means of the north as it was first discovered by him in Lapland.

I have endeavored to capture the beauty of this tiny forest beauty in Fairy Flower Perfume.

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