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Ambrosial Neroli

In creating Ambrosial Neroli Perfume I have tried to capture the feeling of the soft morning air, wafting in through your window, warm, delicate, sweet, laden with the intoxicating fragrance  of orange trees in bloom.

The bitter orange tree offers us a sweet bounty of various essences in the form of  the distilled essential oil of neroli blossoms and the extracted absolutes of  the flowers and the water distilled from the flowers. These have been incorporated into the formula to capture the enchanting aroma of the glowing sun warmed grove filled with radiant blossoms of the "golden apples of the sun".

The mocking-bird in the fragrant orange grove sends out his night song, and blends it with the cricket's chirp, as the blossoms of orange and magnolia mingle their perfume with the earthy smell of a summer rain just blown over.
--from The Goodness of St. Rocque and Other Stories  by Alice Moore Dunbar-Nelson

He lay one morning on his couch meditating on this inexplicable matter. The window of his chamber was open to admit the soft morning breeze, which came laden with the perfume of orange blossoms from the valley of the Darro. The voice of the nightingale was faintly heard, still chanting the wonted theme.
--from The Alhambra  by Washington Irving

Please note that this is a perfume recipe, not a blend to be taken internally.

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