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Royal Unguent

Closely aligned with the creation of perfumed oils for personal beautification were unguents that came into being for sacred or religious practices and ceremonies often to be used or applied exclusively by people who were considered to be vehicles of divinity. MaryThese unguents that were used for anointing were thought to be vehicles of specific virtues that could help in healing and transformation. They were also used for specific life passages like birth, death, marriage, entry in adulthood, etc. In Western theological terminology such rites of passage are termed as sacraments. So that the unguent would become charged with the the special qualities of divinity desired, their preparation was often accompanied by prayer, mantras, chanting and other religious formula. Aromatic plants used in their preparation often had special symbolic associations which gave the unguents additional power. The unguent thus prepared became a visible medium for transmitting invisible spiritual grace and power.

Royal Unguent Perfume is of course just a fantasy creation on my part but it proved enjoyable nonetheless. When I began putting the ingredients together I noted that it was centered around spices, resins and roots, many of which were distinctly heavy in base notes. Initially when I put the composition together their was little harmony between the various ingredients like calamus, costus, spikenard, nagarmotha, labdanum etc. It was a full two months before the composition began to knit together in a harmonious way. This is a deep, rich, earthy/rooty, anamalic composition which I feel could have been well suited to the solemnity of Royal Coronations.

Please note: Aging of the perfume is required for a minimum of 6 months and preferably longer. This blend would make an excellent addition to many compositions where a rich deep base fixative note is required.

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