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Monsoon Rain

One of the most enchanting experiences of living in the East is to participate in the Monsoon Season. Over the year I have had many opportunities to share in that delightful experience from the time spent farming Monsoon Rainin a small community in South India, to the advent of the rainy season in Rajasthan, to awaiting the dark storm clouds in the sweltering cities of Bombay and Delhi, etc. Wherever one might be in the vast Indian subcontinent, the feeling of anticipation of the coming rain is one which cannot be forgotten because it is shared with millions of people who have been dependent on the life giving rains for thousands of years. And when the rains finally arrive after anxious watching of the skies-the feeling of exuberant relief is very intoxicating.

When I was in my early twenties I had the opportunity to live and farm in South India near Bangalore during the monsoon season. It was a very simple lifestyle that brought ones body, heart and mind close to nature because everything one did was in a rhythm with the seasons. During the day we would often have various crops drying on open patios like corn, ragi(a type of grain) and peanuts and we would watch the skies very carefully for the first sign of the great thunderheads that proceeded the monsoon rains. As soon as we saw them on the horizon we would come running to the patios to consolidate the grains into larger piles to be covered by tarps to prevent the rains from soaking them. A whole community of people would work together as one body to protect these precious crops which provided nourishment to both man and animal. It was an electrifying experience to participate in and often we would complete our works within minutes before the rain came.

This perfume is an intermingling of the earthy aromatic essences of Mitti Attar and Ruh Khus, with the intensity of the powdery resinous essence of Labdanum absolute , with a bouquet of the floral attars each which has its own unique qualities in an attempt to capture the enchanting feeling of the scent-ladened rain. As the monsoon generated wind and rain moves over the earth and through the plants they distill their own unique fragrance which is the essence of the Monsoon.

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