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Earthy Accord

We continue with the series of accords with the theme of earthy or rooty notes. As we travel about the world into the many climes, topographies, etc we encounter a great diversity of soil types which in turn provide the nourishing foundation for the innumerable trees, Forestshrubs, perennials, vines that populated the earth. Amongst this grand diversity of botanical luminaries we find those which capture something of the aroma of the soil in which they live, for soil itself is alive with scent. Many of aroma laden co2 extracts, absolutes, attars, and essential oils which have earthy scents are distilled or extracted from roots which live directly in the soil. They have their own special role to play in perfume, often lending a solid, long-lasting foundation or base to the artist creation that help hold or fix the fragrance or the more evanescent elements the composition may contain.

Angelica root(Angelica archangelica)eo, co2 and absolute; Calamus root(Acorus calamus)co2 and eo: Costus(Saussarea lappa)root co2 and eo; Elecampane(Inula graveolens)root co2 and eo; Licorice root abs, co2 and eo; Orris root(Iris floretina)eo, co2 and abs; Valerian(Valeriana officinalis)eo and co2; Cyperus/Nagarmotha eo and co2; Spikenard(Nardostachys jatamansi) co2 and eo; Vetiver(vetiveria ziasanoides) eo and co2; Galangal(Kaempferia galangal) eo, Zeodara eo; Lovage root(Levistium officinale) co2 and eo, Ginger root(Zingiber officinalis)co2, eo and abs; Alpinia galangal root eo and co2; Spike Ginger(Hedychium spictaum)eo and co2; Atractylis lancea eo and co2; Gentian root(Gentiana lutea)abs; Mitti(distillation of the earth) Attar

Descriptive terminology for earthy/rooty accord:

earthy, damp, mossy, tenacious, diffusive, musky, animalic, dark, fungal, mushroom-like, pungent, bitter, dry, spicy, rich, woody, warm, powdery, rooty, fresh, sweet, sour, powerful, ambery, smoky, clean

herbaceous-earthy, dry-woody, wet-mossy, dry-earthy, spicy-warm, sweet-rooty, fresh-aromatic, sweet-rooty, spicy-animal, bitter-burning, warm-woody, green-woody, balsamic-woody, wet soil, dry-powdery, rain-wetted dust

The full stream's babbling inarticulate word,
The plash of rain on big wet ivy-leaves;
I saw the woods where thick the dead leaves lie,
And smelt the fresh earth's scent-the scent of memory.

---from Leaves of Life by Edith Nesbit

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