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Conca d’Oro

"Palermo has long and deservedly borne the name of La Felice, The Happy. It is a white city with houses of pearl and roofs of carnelian, shimmering with golden sunlight against the dark background of vine-clad hills on the horizon and rich green of the most fertile plain in the island, from the edge of the sea up to the seats of the white gods on the cloud-veiled crags.

Splendidly set is the city in the warm lap of its Conca' Oro, the Golden Shell, that blooms with countless orange and lemon trees whose golden fruits flash amid the glossy green of the foliage and who have given the rolling plain its name. Pink and white almonds, citron, palms, ilex and pomegranate make it a great botanical garden, perfumed with Jasmine of Araby, the geranium, the pallid lily and the rose....." --from Vistas in Italy by Arthur Stanley Riggs

Sicily is a country graced with a wide variety of fragrant plants which flourish in the mild Mediterranean climate.

Citrus orchards, wild growing herbs, olive groves, cultivated fragrant flowers, vines and shrubs, and aromatic honey all contribute their scented bounty to the environments in which they grow and in some cases are distilled or extracted for the domestic and international market.

The Conca d'Oro Perfume has been created drawing upon a few of the essences that capture the spirit of this ancient and beautiful land.

Please note that this is a perfume recipe, not a blend to be taken internally.