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Spruce, Black absolute / Fruity, Leathery, Resinous, Balsamic / $50 oz Picea mariana

  • Product # 1328
  • Part Distilled needles
  • Growth Method wild harvest
  • Origin Canada

Spruce, Black absolute / Fruity, Leathery, Resinous, Balsamic / $50 oz

In such weather the woodland air is laden with the light burden of odor, the faintly pungent aroma of the ripened leaves, more subtle than the scent of pine or fir, yet as apparent to the nostrils, as delightful and more rare, for in the round of the year its days are few, while in summer sunshine and winter wind, in springtime shower and autumnal frost, pine, spruce, balsam, hemlock, and cedars distill their perfume and lavish it on the breeze or gale of every season.
Nature's diary By Francis Henry Allen

Black Spruce Absolute is an olive green very viscous liquid requiring gentle heating to become a readily flowable liquid. It is extracted from the foliage(needles) of Picea mariana. The absolute displays a dried fruit-leathery topnote which glides into an immensely rich,   spicy, resinous heartnote with a sweet, fruity, balsamic undertone of fine tenacity.

In natural perfumery it is used in forest notes, amber bases, spice accords, incense perfumes, sacred essences, high class florals, new mown hay, cologne. It is an excellent fixative.

Blends well with agarwood eo and co2; benzoin abs; amyris eo; artemisia/mugwort eo; artemisia white sagebrush eo; balsam copaiba eo; balsam gurjun eo; bergamot eo;  bois de rose eo; canaga eo; cardamom eo, co2 and abs; buddhawood eo and co2; cade eo; cedarwood eo's; cassia eo and co2; cinnamon eo and co2; cade eo; birch tar eo; choya nakh; choya loban; choya ral; cypress eo and abs; fir silver eo; eucalyptus eo's; fir balsam eo and abs; elemi eo and abs; frankincense eo, co2 and abs; hiba eo; hinoki eo; juniper berry eo and co2; galbanum eo, co2 and abs;gingergrass eo; galangal eo and co2; labdanum abs and eo; lapsong souchong co2; lavender eo, co2 and and abs; lavandin eo and abs; laurel leaf eo and abs; lemon eo; lemon essence eo; lime eo; lime essence eo;muhuhu eo; myrrh eo, co2 and abs; oakmoss abs; orange eo; orange essence eo;pine needle eo and abs; peru balsam eo and abs; rosemary eo and co2; sage clary eo and abs; sage eo and co2; tangerine eo; tangerine essence eo; thyme eo, co2 and abs;tolu balsam abs; vetiver eo, co2 and abs; ylang eo, co2 and abs; yuzu eo


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