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Shamama Attar / Complex, Musky, precious woods, mossy, animalic-$225 oz compound of fragrant spices, herbs, woods, etc.

  • Product # 1527
  • Part Distilled various
  • Process Hydrodistilled
  • Growth Method various
  • Origin India

Shamama Attar / Complex, Musky, precious woods, mossy, animalic-$225 oz

Shamama "Musk Hina" Attar belongs to the HIna Family of Attars which includes Amberi. There are many variations on both Shamama and Amberi Attar and the secrets of how each particular type is made are closely held family secrets.

This type of attar is distinctly different than single note attars like Gulab/Rose, Kewda/Pandanus odoratissimus, etc which are created simply by distilling the flowers of a particular plant into sandalwood over a period of 10-14 days.

Shamama and Amberi Attars are highly complex Oriental Perfumes that require upto two months to make utilizing a number of different distillation techniques and well over 60 ingredients. They are perfumes that distinctly capture something of the ancient Eastern world and are dearly loved in all the their variations by people of all countries who feel connected to India and the East.

The Shamama Attar is most often an amber to reddish tinged amber tinged liquid displaying an incredibly rich, complex, earthy, mossy, musky, precious woods, tea-like, spicy,  animalic, resinous bouquet of outstanding tenacity. As one goes on exploring it, one finds a universe of aromatic qualities that changes the deeper one goes. As mentioned above each family has its own closely guarded recipes and so no two Shamama attars are alike, yet they definitely share a central aromatic theme.
The art and craft of preparing this labor intensive type of perfume is quickly diappearing but still a few families practice it, maintaining an ancient tradition.

Shamama Attar is mainly distinguished from Amberi Attar in that Amberi has a bit of a lighter-sweeter dimension to it.

Hina(Shamama/Amberi) India's Mystery Perfume

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