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Seaweed absolute / Oceanic, Mossy, Green, Balsamic, Phenolic / $175 oz Fucus spp

  • Product # 1324
  • Part Distilled dried seaweed
  • Growth Method wild harvest
  • Origin France

Seaweed absolute is a deep dark green, almost black very viscous liquid to solid grainy mass displaying an incredibly complex oceanic odor in which one finds aromas of green herbs, fresh salt breezes, medicinal concoctions, mossy forest floors, and sweet balsamic notes, coexisting in a balanced blend. The aroma is very fresh and invigorating. It is a highly unusual perfume material which must be used with great discretion as its unusual aromatic aura can effect any composition in which it is used even if in trace amounts.

In natural perfumery is used in botanical ambergris bases; forest notes; herbaceous bouquets; oceanic perfumes; fantasy creatons; literary perfumes; botanical musk compositions; elemental perfumes.



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