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Sandalwood eo (Indonesia) / Deep, Rich, Precious Woods, Balsamic / EXCELLENT!!!-$200 oz Santalum album

  • Product # 1382
  • Part Distilled wood
  • Process steam distilled
  • Growth Method wild harvest
  • Origin Indonesia

Sandalwood oil from Indonesia is distilled from the same species(Santalum album) as grows in South India. Sandalwood trees have grown in Indonesia for many centuries and the quality of the oil when well distilled is of equal quality to the best South Indian sandalwood.

The current batch of Indonesian distilled Sandalwood is a pale yellow slightly viscous liquid with a true, deep, rich,  precious woods bouquet, with a soft, sweet, balsamic undertone of fine tenacity.
It is as fine as any sandalwood we have been able to procure in recent years including oil that we use to source directly from the Tamil Nadu Forest Service distillery in South India which we visited many years ago.

Its application in natural perfumery is diverse as sandalwood is first and foremost an excellent fixative that works with most perfume compositions. It is used in high class florals, Oriental bouquets, incense notes, sacred perfumes, fougere, chypres, amber bases, precious woods accords.
It is also outstanding as a single note perfume being a perfect embodiment of the  precious woods complex. 

We are only able to get this fine sandalwood very rarely. We have a limit of 8 ounces per order as indicated on the website.

The boy’s eyes stray thoughtfully from one object 
to another. Suddenly, they fasten upon a casket of carved 
wood. He approaches it and gently opens it. A per- 
fume of indescribable sweetness exhales from the box. 
On the lid is carved a tree with spreading branches in the 
shade of which people are sitting in an altitude of medi- 
tation. The boy does not know why but he is mysteri- 
ously drawn toward this casket. He gazes at it, touches 
it, opens and closes it, and inhales its penetrating odour. 
All at once, he hears the merchant saying to his parents, 
indicating to them at the same time the object of his con- 
templation: “There is a treasure box made of sandal wood 
from India.” 



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Note: Limit 10 samples per order.