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Poplar Bud absolute / Spicy, Cinnamic, Balsamic w/ Resinous, Coumarinic undertone /$175 oz Populus balsamifera

  • Product # 1299
  • Part Distilled buds
  • Growth Method wild harvest
  • Origin France

Poplar Bud Absolute (Populus balsamifera) is a opaque, golden, very viscous liquid displaying a sweet, spicy(cinnamic), balsamic bouquet with a resinous(labdamum-like), coumarinic undertone with excellent tenacity.

In natural perfumery used in incense perfumes, spice notes, forest accords, new mown hay, high class florals, balsamic bouquets

Blends well with agarwood eo and co2; amber sweet melange; ambergris melange; allspice eo and co2; agalia abs; african bluegrass eo; ambrette seed eo, co2 and abs; anise star eo and co2; angelica root abs; balsam copaiba; balsam gurjun eo; basil abs; benzoin abs and eo; bay leaf eo; birch tar eo; birch sweet eo; buddhawood eo and co2; cade eo; cananga eo; cardamom eo, co2 and abs; cassia eo and co2; choya loban; choya nakh; choya ral; cinnamon eo, co2 and abs; cistus eo and abs; clove sweet abs; copal bark co2; cypress abs; davana eo and co2; erigeron eo; fenugreek eo, co2 and abs; fir balsam abs; fir balsam eo; fir douglas eo; fir silver eo; frankinence eo, co2 and abs; galangal eo; galbanum eo, co2 and abs; geranium eo and abs; hay abs; guaicawood eo; hops eo and co2; jonquille abs; jasmine abs; juniper berry eo and co2; labdanum eo and abs; lawang eo; lotus abs; massoia bark eo and co2; lovage leaf eo; lovage root abs; mastic eo and abs; muhuhu eo; myrrh eo, co2 and abs; nutmeg eo, co2 and abs; narcissus abs; opoponax eo and abs; osmanthus abs; patchouli eo, co2 and abs; peru balsam eo and abs; pine needle abs; plai eo; rhododendron leaf eo; rosemary eo and abs; sage clary eo and abs; seaweed abs; siamwood eo; styrax eo and abs; spruce abs; tonka bean abs; sugandh kokila eo; vanilla abs and co2; tolu balsam abs; ylang eo and abs



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