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Myrrh eo/ Warm, Sweet, Resinous, Balsamic, Spicy, Aromatic / $50 oz-Excellent!!! Commiphora myrrha

  • Product # 1252
  • Part Distilled gum resin
  • Process hydro distilled
  • Growth Method wild harvest
  • Origin Ethiopia


A sharp perfume which burnt the nose as a spice burns the tongue, the perfume of myrrh, floated in the air, the crowds surged; behind the grating from which the curtain was withdrawn, the nuns standing sang the hymn of Saint Ambrose, "Jesu corona virginum," while the bells of the abbey rang a peal; in the short aisle leading from the porch to the choir, a bending line of women on either side, a cross-bearer and torch-bearers entered, and behind them appeared the novice dressed as a bride.
     --The Cathedral by  Jori-Karl huysman


Myrrh essential oil is a yellow to amber colored oil displaying a rich, warm,sweet,


resinous, balsamic bouquet with a delicate spicy-aromatic undertone.

In natural perfumery used in incense bouquets, heavy-floral perfumers, Oriental essences, woody-balsamic bases, forest accords, sacred perfumes.

Blends well with ; agarwood eo and co2; allspice eo and co2;ambrette seed eo, co2 and abs; amber sweet melange; amyris eo; angelica root eo, co2 and abs;  anise star eo; balsam gurjun eo;bay leaf eo and abs; beeswax abs; benzoin eo and abs;  bergamot eo; cananga eo;carrot seed eo, co2 and abs; Cassia bark eo and co2;  cinnamon eo, co2 and abs; cistus eo and abs; clove bud eo, co2 and abs; combava peel eo;  copaiba balsam eo; coriander eo and co2;  cubeb eocypress abs; davana eo, co2 and abs; fir balsam abs; frankincense eo, co2 and abs:  geranium eo; grapefruit eo; guiacawood eo; hay absolute; helichrysum eo and abs; ho wood eo; galbanu eo, co2 and abs;  juniper berry co2 and abs; lavender eo, co2 and abs; lavandin eo and abs; lemongrass eo; mastic eo and abs; nagarmotha eo and co2; oak moss abs; opoponax eo and abs; orange blood eo; orange flower absolute; patchouli eo, co2 and abs; pepper pink eo and co2; pepper black abs and eo;peppermint eo, co2 and abs; peru balsam eo and abs; petitgrain eo and abs; pine needle abs; raspberry melange; sage clary eo and abs; seaweed absolute and retinoid; saffron abs and retinoid;  sandalwood eo, co2 and abs; spearmint eo and abs; spruce black and white absolute; tolu balsam abs; tonka bean abs; vanilla co2 and abs; vetiver eo, co2 and abs; yuzu eo




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