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Mushroom absolute / Mossy, Rooty, Chocolaty, Earthy / $225 oz Boletus edulis

  • Product # 1251
  • Part Distilled fungus
  • Growth Method conventional
  • Origin France

Mushroom absolute / Mossy, Rooty, Chocolaty, Earthy / $225 oz


Mushroom absolute (Boletus edulis) is a dark brown viscous liquid displaying a potent mossy, rooty, chocolaty aroma with a fine deep earthy undertone. It is in that category of aromatic materials like galbanum, seaweed, cade, choya nakh, etc where a very little goes a long way. If used correctly it can produce unique results in the compositions into which it is incorporated. Its effect upon the perfume is not immediately registered but its effect grows over time so requires very good judgement in the amount to be used.

In natural perfumery it is used in fougere, forest notes, fantasy perfumes, ambergris bases, musk accords, amber bases, precious woods creations.

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