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Mitti(Earth) Attar / Delicate, Warm, Dry, Baked earth/$275 oz baked earth codistilled w/Santalum album

  • Product # 1076
  • Part Distilled various
  • Process Hydrodistilled
  • Growth Method various
  • Origin India

Mitti(Earth) Attar / Delicate, Warm, Dry, Baked earth/$275 oz

Mitti Attar is a the hydrodistilled essence of  baked earth into sandalwood oil. It is one of the unique essences of the ancient perfumers art in India that was created to capture the aroma of the first rains of the monsoon season striking the dry, baked, parched earth. This intoxicating aroma is difficult to capture in words. It is truly the smell of the warm, dry, delicate aroma of parched earth when rain falls upon it.

This is an essence like no other that I have ever encountered. In my opinion it should simply be enjoyed by itself with nothing added to it. One can spend many hours exploring its intoxicating delicate aroma which naturally gives birth to a profound gratitude for the earth that we live on, yet often take for granted.

Mitti-The Fragrance of the Earth

Images of Mitti Attar Preparation



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