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Jonquil (see natural blends; https://www.whitelotusaromatics.com/product/jonquil-natural-melange) Narcissus jonquila

  • Product # 1015
  • Part Distilled flowers
  • Growth Method wild harvest
  • Origin France


Jonquille Absolute is a viscous brown liquid displaying a heavy, warm honeyed, sweet floral bouquet with a green, balsamic undertone of fine tenacity. "It bears great resemblance to to the fragrance of longoza and tuberose and a remote resemblance to Hyacinth." Steffen Arctander


In natural perfumery is used in high class perfumes, sacred bouquets, Oriental bouquets

It requires 2500 kilos of freshly harvested flowers to produce 1 kilo of absolute(1 kilo is 2.2 pounds)

Blends well with african bluegrass eo; ambrette seed abs, eo and co2; amyris eo; aglaia abs; apricot melangde; bergamot eo; benzoin eo and abs; boronia abs;cabreuva eo; buddhawood eo and co2; canange eo; cassia abs; carrot seed eo, co2 and abs; coffee blossom abs; cypress blue eo; citron eo; coffee abs; clove bud abs; cypriol/nagarmotha eo and co2; erigeron eo; fenugreek abs and co2; fir balsam abs; clover sweet abs; elderflower abs and co2; galbanum eo, co2 and abs;  hay abs; jonquil absolute;  flouve eo and abs; helichrysum eo and abs; jasmine co2, ruh and absolute; genet abs; khella eo; lavender seville abs; lemon balm eo; mandarin eo; linden blossom eo and abs; mushroom abs; narcissus abs; orange blossom abs; osmanthus abs; peru balsam eo and abs; petitgrain mandarin eo; narcissus abs; palmarosa eo;raspberry melange and abs;  saffron co2; tea, green abs; tolu balsam abs; vanilla abs;  violet leaf abs; ylang absolute and eo

JONQUIL by Mary Kall

Just as the voice of the robin, clear

Warbles the welcome song "spring is here;"

Bright little jonquil in sweet surprise

You peep through the snow with your dreaming eyes.

In your heart of hearts, do the pulse waves swell

As the music floats from your golden bell?

Is there never a heart throb, never a sigh

As you glance from the earth to the far off sky?

Deep down in your bosom to me would seem
A magical throne for a fairy queen;
Where with the soft touch of her delicate hand
She could bless all the flowers in her fairy land.
How pure is the life you so briefly live—
For you ask not a joy for the joy you give—
While you scatter your jewels so rich and rare
Through your kingdom of love, which is everywhere.

Oh! dear little jonquil you speak to me
Of the possible hopes that are yet to be;
For out in the storm where the clouds drop low
You smile through the flakes of enchanted snow.
What cared you for the rain or the winter's cold
As you calmly unfolded your frill of gold;
Then brushing the clouds from your shining hair
You bowed to the world from your golden chair.

Sweet flower so humble and yet so grand,
'Tis well to know you and understand
That modest worth though it hide away
From the glory and pomp of life's summer day;
Is the first to come, when the wintry pall
Of sorrow and storm-clouds around us fall;
And brighten our lives with the soft sunshine
And the tender memories of sweet spring time.




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