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Jasmin flexile "Taruni" absolute / Spicy, Fruity, Floral w/ Balsamic undertone / $250 oz Jasminum flexile

  • Product # 1455
  • Part Distilled flower
  • Origin India

The fragrance of the jasmine is full of delicacy,
And a fairy, on smelling it, would be astonished.
So beautiful are the flowers of the yellow jasmine,
That whoever sees them immediately forgets everything else.
What shall I say of the state of its purity?
For it is such that the foot of the sight slips if it falls on it.*
The smell of the jasmine zambac is most pleasing,
And from one flower of it there is extraordinary fragrance;
Why, then, should not its blossom be held precious?
For its perfume is full of womanly qualities :t
In short, the odour of the jasmine is most sweet;
Why, then, should it not be pleasing to the soul?
By Sher ʻAli Jaʻfarī Afsos

Jasmin flexile absolute (Jasminum flexile), also known as "Taruni," is an amber colored liquid with a warm, elegant, rich, sweet, spicy-fruity-floral bouquet with a soft balsamic undertone with good radiance and tenacity.

In natural perfumery used in garland perfumes, high class florals, Oriental perfumes, sacred essences,amber bases.

Blends well with amyris eo; amber sweet melange; ambrette seed eo, co2 and absolute; anise seed eo and co2; apple melange; apricot melange; bergamot eo; basil eo and abs; bay leaf eo and abs; birch sweet eo; bois de rose eo; cananga eo; carnation abs; cardamom eo, co2 and abs; champaca abs; champa white flower eo and abs; cabreva eo; champa white leaf eo; cassie abs; cedarwood eo's and abs's; clove bud eo, co2 and abs; copaiba balsam eo; costus root eo and co2; citron eo; davana eo and co2; galbanum eo, co2 and abs; geranium eo and abs; gurjun balsam eo; hay absolute; ginger eo, co2 and abs; helchrysum eo and abs; hops co2; ho wood eo; jasmine abs; khella eo; lawang eo; lime eo; lime essence eo; lemon eo; lemon essence eo; lemon balm eo and co2; litsea cubeba eo; linden blossom abs and co2; mandarin eo; muhuhu eo; neroli eo; nigella damascena abs; orange blossom abs; nutmeg eo, co2 and abs; orange eo; orange essence eo; orange bitter eo; orris root eo, co2 and abs; osamanthus abs; peach melange; pear melange; peru balsam eo and abs; petitgrain eo; pineapple melange; plai eo; raspberry melange; poplar bud abs and eo; rose eo, co2 and abs; rosewood leaf eo; rosewood melange; rose leaf abs; saffron co2; sage clary eo and abs; sandalwood eo, co2 and abs; siamwood eo; strawberry melange; tangerine eo; tangerine essence eo; styrax eo and abs; tolu balsam abs; tonka bean abs; vanilla abs and co2; zdravetz eo and abs; yuzu eo

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