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Gulhina(Henna Flower) Supreme Attar/Henna flower essence in sandalwood/ $275oz!!Exquisite!!! Lawsonia inermis w/ Santalum album

  • Product # 1075
  • Part Distilled flowers with Sandal
  • Growth Method wild harvest
  • Origin India
The whole plant is one in the highest degree " grateful to the senses of sight and smell." The deep grey bark of the stem, the transparent, emerald green of the foliage, the rich blending of white blossoms, interspersed with golden anthers—something resembling in habit of growth our English spring favourite, the lilac—contribute to make the Henna conspicuous among flowering plants, and second in beauty not even to the Myrtle in full bloom. The clusters of flowers exhale a delicious fragrance that fills chamber, garden, and forecourt. Branches are to be found scattered about the apartments of the Easterns; and no fair inhabitant of the Harem or Zenana considers her morning toilet complete without a sprig or two of the scented blossom fastened to her loose robes or even carried in her bosom—recalling in this respect the poetic allusion of the Song of Songs, "My love is to me as a cluster of Henna flowers—of Henna flowers from the gardens of Engedi.

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Gulhina Attar Supreme is a wonderful blend of the pure distilled essence of Henna Flowers(Lawsonia inermis) in a rare and rich base of pure sandalwood distilled from aged heartwood from South India. Our colleagues in North India have devoted a tremendous amount of time and energy to perfecting the disitillaton of Ruh or pure essence of the flowers in traditional copper vessels.It is a very labor intensive process that can only be done in small batches and the yield is tiny but the ascent  of such a concentrated pure oil is a true treasure in the world of aromatic essences. Sandalwood is the perfect medium for protecting and preserving the delicate aromatic molecules of the ruh and one of the unique aspects of the blending of these two elegant essences is that with the passage of time the attar becomes more and more beautiful such and attar will last for many years becoming more and more elegant with the passage of time. Sandalwood not only is a perfect fixative of the essence but contriubtes a rich, precioius, creamy, balsamic background for the essence of the flower which interweaves with it. Perfumers extoll the virtues of sandalwood saying that its fixative attributes our unrivaled but adding that it also has an echalting effect on any other essence that comes in touch with it.

The special blend of the ruh of Henna Flowers  with sandalwood is a pale yellow liquid displaying a rich, warm, herbaceous, ethereal floral bouquet that is woven in around and through with the balsamic, precous woods notes of sandalwood. The precious supreme attar series which is composed of Gulab(Rosa damascena), Motia(Jasminum sambac), Chameli(Jasminum grandiflorum), Champa(Michelia champaca) are very elegant and refined essences that deserve careful, deep and prolonged study as the mystery of their complex bouquet gently reveals itself over time. Thye are truly stand alone perfumes in themselves but minute amounts of other essences can be added to them to created different subtle variations that delight the heart. But if one does add any other essence to them, they should do so very very carefully in percentages of 1% or less. After making any addition one should then allow the composition to mature for 1-3 months before assessing the impact of the addition.

I would only recommend blending special oils like ambrette seed abs, co2 or eo; amber sweet melange;  cassie abs;champa white flower eo; cinnamon bark abs; citron heart note eo; citrus melange;  coffee blossom abs; combava peel eo;  frangipani abs frankincense heart note eo; galbanum co2 select; geranium sur fleur roses eo; jasmin auriculatum abs; jasmin flexile abs jasmin grandiflorum abs; Jasmin sambac abs; mimosa abs; nag champa melange; orange blossom abs;  orris root co2; neroli eo; rose otto and abs; tonka bean abs; violet leaf abs; ylang eo and abs; yuzu eo







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