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Gentian absolute/Balsamic, Woody, Herbaceous/$300 oz Gentiana lutea

  • Product # 1551
  • Part Distilled roots
  • Process solvent/alcohol
  • Growth Method wild harvest
  • Origin France

With breathless speed May's glories leave; the beauties of June pass all too quickly; and with blooms of July it is equally true. Eagerly Nature responds when Flora touches the Alpine fields with her fairy wand; for by the side of an emerald sea of verdure set with islands of buttercups, gentians, or marigolds, are deep banks of frozen snow under which some flowers are still sleeping.

Gentian absolute is a reddish gold very viscous/thick liquid(gentle heating helps it to become a flowable liquid) displaying a rich, warm. balsamic, woody, sweet herbaceous, honeyed bouquet of fine tenacity

Blends well with ambergris melange;  amber sweet melange;  apple melange; ambrette seed eo, abs or co2 extract;  beeswax ab; benzoin eo an abs; bergamot eo; buddha wood eo; calendula abs; cananga eo; carnation abs;  carrot seed eo and abs; cedarwood eo and abs; chamomile eo, co2 and abs; cistus eo and abs; clary sage eo and abs; clove bud abs;  combava peel eo; cypress blue eo and co2;  cypress abs; erigeron eo; eaglewood eo;  eucalyptus abs;geranium eo and abs; green heartwood african eo; guaicawood eo; helichrysum eo and abs; hinoki eo; hiba eo; jonquil abs;  labdanum eo and abs;  lavender eo and abs; lavindin eo and abs; liatrix abs; mimosa abs; nag champa melange;  nutmeg abs; orange peel eo; oakmoss abs; palo santo eo; peru balsam eo and abs; precious wood melange; rhododendron leaf eo;  sandalwood eo; seaweed abs; siamwood eo; tagetes abs; tonka bean abs;  ylang eo and abs; zradevtz eo and abs




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Note: Limit 10 samples per order.