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Carrot Seed Abs / Fruity, Creamy, Leathery, Herbaceous, Woody, Spicy / $75 oz Daucus carota

  • Product # 1490
  • Part Distilled seed
  • Origin France

When they were first cultivated, carrots were grown for their aromatic leaves and seeds rather than their roots. Carrot seeds have been found in Switzerland and Southern Germany dating back to 2000–3000 BC.[7] Some close relatives of the carrot are still grown for their leaves and seeds, for example: parsleycilantro/corianderfenneldilland cumin. The first mention of the root in classical sources is during the 1st century,[8] and the carrot may have been eaten as a root vegetable by the Romans, although there is some ambiguity about this,[9] as they used the word pastinaca for both carrots and parsnips, part of the same family.[10]


Carrot Seed Absolute is a golden to amber colored viscous liquid displaying a warm, rich, fruity,  creamy, leathery, herbaceous bouquet with a woody, earthy, spicy undertone of fine tenacity

In natural perfumery it is used in leather bases, fruit bouquets, Oriental perfumes, fougere, precious woods notes, amber notes

Blends well with african blue grass eo; artemisia annua eo; ambrette seed eo, co2 and abs; amyris eo; angelica root eo, co2 and abs; apple melange; apricot melange; basil eo, co2 and abs; anise seed eo and co2; benzoin eo and abs; birch sweet eo; caraway eo and co2; cassia eo and co2; cinnamon eo, co2 and abs; chamomile blue eo; chamomile wild eo; chamomile roman/english eo; clove bud eo, co2 and abs; calamus eo and co2;  cedarwood atlas abs; champa white leaf eo; champa white flower eo; copal bark co2;  cumin eo and co2; costus co2; dill eo and co2; currant black abs; fir balsam abs; fennel eo and co2; erigeron eo;  frankincense eo, co2 anda bs; geranium eo and abs; ginger root eo, co2 and abs; galbanum eo, co2 and abs; hops co2; hyssop eo; juniper berry eo and co2; khella eo; licorice co2 and abs; lavender eo, co2 and abs labdanum eo and abs; lovage leaf eo; massoia bark eo and co2;  mimosa abs;  narcissus abs; nigella damascena abs; osmanthus abs; peru balsam abs and eo; rhododenron leaf eo; raspberry melange; saffron co2; sandalwood eo, co2 and abs; siamwood eo; tagetes eo and abs; vetiver eo, co2 and abs; tonka bean abs; vanilla co2 and abs




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