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Boronia Flower Attar/Fruity, Honeyed, Floral, Hay, Balsamic/$325oz Transcendent!!! Boronia megastigma in Santalum lanceolatum

  • Product # 1603
  • Part Distilled various
  • Process extraction/distiilation
  • Growth Method wild harvest
  • Origin Australia
But the wild flowers! We stop the car and penetrate into the bush to gather handfuls of the most wonderful wild flowers I have ever seen. The flora is unique both in colouring and in fantastic shapes. Some of these wild flowers are not found in any other part of the world. We are here at the precise season for beholding this display at its very best. The air is heavy with a strange and subtle perfume. The exquisite and unique scent of the boronia dominates all, while the fainter perfume of the golden wattle insinuates itself, despite its proximity to the heavily scented boronia. 
Five years under the Southern Cross: experiences and impressions
By Frederic Chambers Spurr

Boronia attar is created by blending pue Boronia absolute(Tasmania) with pure North Queensland Sandalwood(Australia) It is an truly remarkable attar. Deep bronze/gold in color it radiates a gentle soft stream of aromatic beauty into the atmosphere. It displays a warm fruity-flora-honeyed bouquet with a rich delightful  haylike,balsamic floral heart note of excellent tenancity. The complexity of its overall aromatic aura is difficult to describe for as one continues to explore it with focused attention it takes one to ever new depths, revealing one new facet after another of its wonderfous beauty.


It is a supremely beautiful attar in itself. North Queensland Sandalwood in itself is a treasure among sandalwood oils. I have only recently discovered it and it is going to take some time to establish a deep relationship with this its personality but first encounters have revealed a subtle fruity floral woven into its balsamic-creamy, precious woods heart. It is a perfect marriage conceiveable with Boronia absolute. This blend is going to become more and more beautiful in the years to come but even at this moment is a classic germ. 

One could blend other super high quality essences with it in minute quantities to create a range of perfumes of outstanding beauty but in and of itself it is perfect.  ambrette seed abs, co2 and eo; amber sweet melange; apple melange; apricot melange;  beeswax abs;  cardamon abs; Cassie abs; Cinnamon bark absolute; cirus melange; Clove Bud Absolute;  daphne melange; eucalyptus abs;  Fir Balsam Absolute; frangipani abs;  ginger abs;  jasmine flexile abs;  jonquil abs; lavender seville abs; liatrix abs; lily of the valley melange; mango melange; Mimosa abs;  nag champa melange; narcissus abs;  orange blossom abs; patchouli abs;  peach melange; raspberry melange; rose white abs; rosa bourbonia abs; rosa damascena abs; rosa centifolia  abs;  strawberry melange; sweet pea melange;  violet leaf abs and ylang absolute; white champa eo would work well with Boronia attar. One could conceiveablyt create a whole range of beautiful classic perfumes using Boronia attar as the core starting material.

Note: Limit 10 samples per order.