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Peru Balsam absolute / Balsamic, Vanilla-like, Spicy /$32 oz Myroxylon peruiferum

  • Product # 1102
  • Part Distilled resin
  • Process not soluble in carrier oils. Ethanol soluble
  • Growth Method wild harvest
  • Origin Brazil

Peru Balsam absolute / Balsamic, Vanilla-like, Spicy /$32 oz

Images of Peru Balsam tree

The absolute of Balsam Peru is a very viscous, dark brown, liquid, but pourable at room temperature. It  displays a suave, rich sweet balsamic bouquet with a spicy/vanilla like undertone with excellent tenacity.

It is not soluble in carrier oils. Ethanol soluble only.

"The tenacity in odor of this oil is outstanding making it one of the best fixatives among all essential oils. Its suave odor makes Peru Balsam oil a very versatile perfume material which can be incorporated in almost any type of perfume base or perfume in concentrations of from less than one percent up to more than five per cent. For delicate floral fragrances such as muguet, lilac, appleblossom, etc, this oils blends excellently with floral as well as with balsamic or spicy notes. With araucaria oil or sandalwood oil it blends to a delightfully sweet "precious wood" type like cabreuva oil. In gardenian, longoza, tuberose and carnation bases or duplications it forms and important part of the long-lasting undertone with undecanolide, nonanolide, ylang-ylang and other heavy and sweet floral notes. It imparts depth, and natural spicy sweetness to a rose and warm, balsamic body in ambre or Oriental bases, "powder" type fragrances, etc....
Steffen Arctander-Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin.




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