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Angelica Root absolute / Spicy, Rooty w/ Green, Resinous, Smoky undertone / $75 oz Angelica sinensis

  • Product # 1094
  • Part Distilled root
  • Growth Method conventional
  • Origin China


Angelica sinensis, commonly known as dong quai or "female ginseng" is a herb from the family Apiaceae, indigenous to ChinaAngelica sinensis grows in cool high altitude mountains in China, Japan, and Korea. The yellowish brown root of the plant is harvested in fall and is a well-known Chinese medicine used over thousands of years.[3]


Angelica root absolute is a dark brown liquid displaying an immensely rich, spicy, rooty odor with a green,resinous, delicate smoky undertone.

In natural perfumery it is used in amber bases, musk perfumes, incense bouquets, sacred perfumes, earth accords, Oriental accords etc. A small amount goes a long way and can also add very intriguing notes to chypre, fougere and high class florals

Blends well with amyris eo; ambrette eo, co2 and absolute; amyris eo; ambergris melange; amber sweet melange; anise star eo and co2;  benzoin eo and co2; birch tar eo; buddhawood eo and co2; bergamot eo; bois de rose eo; calamus eo and co2; cinnamon bark eo, co2 and abs; cassia eo and co2; cardamom eo and co2; choya nakh; choya ral; choya loban; cade eo; cistus eo and abs; clover sweet abs; cocoa co2; coffee eo, co2 and abs; coriander seed eo, co2 and abs; carrot seed eo, co2 and abs; costus eo and co2; cypriol/nagarmotha eo and co2; cypress abs;  fir balsam eo and abs; frankincense eo, co2 and abs; galbanum eo, co2 and abs; ginger eo, co2 and abs; guiacawood eo; gurjun balsam eo; juniper berry eo, co2 and abs; lavender eo, co2 and abs; labdanum abs and eo; lapsong souchong co2; licorice abs and co2; lovage leaf eo; lovage root eo, co2 and abs; mastic eo and abs; myrrh eo, co2 and abs; patchouli eo, co2 and abs;  oakmoss abs; opoonax eo and abs; orris root eo, co2 and abs; palo santo eo; peru balsam eo and abs; poplar bud eo and abs; sage clary eo and abs; saffron co2;  sandalwood eo, co2 and abs; seaweed abs; siamwood eo; stryax eo and abs;  tonka bean abs; vetiver eo, co2 and abs; vanilla abs and co2



Travels in China by John Barrow, published by Cadell, & Davies, London. 1804

Drawn by Wm. Alexander




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