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Vanilla CO2 Part 2

Vanilla CO2 Part 2

Dear Friends-
Kind greetings!
Suzanne and I hope that as we proceed deeper into Spring that all of you are enjoying nature's fine seasonal offerings. In recent weeks the grand decidous trees and confiers around us have unfurled their leaves and needles creating a sublime range of shades and hues of green. When we departed and returned for our recent trip to Northern California we flew to Seattle over the Olympic Peninsula and beneath us we could see an incredible green leaf tapestry of maples, alders, cottonwoods amidst the conifer forest. Yesterday we enjoyed them from the ground looking up as we hiked along Lake Crescent.
The giant maples in particular were spectacular as sunlight struck their translucent leaves, illuminating them and diffusing the light as it fell to the forest floor. The conifers also made an aromatic contribution to the visual beauty of the scene by uniting their individual aromas into a rich balsamic fruity resinous bouqet that permeated the path along which we walked.

We are now working about in the garden distributing kelp/seaweed meal and cotton seed meal to all the plants before putting on a delicious black mulch for the summer. As one works close to them one begins to feel the richness of a world that is filled with a different type of life than generally occupies the attention of us humans. There are birds, butterflies, spiders and various colorful insects visiting the garden throughout the day and night; the stars, sun and moon casting their friendly light upon the plants; the wind and rain, heat and cold and other elements influence the the growth of the plant from day to day. Beneath the soil the micro-organisms and earthwarms interact with the plants helping their roots to spread out and the water to flow beneath the soil. The plants absorb into their refined systems the nutrients provided to them by the soil in which they live creating out of them the leaves, stems, flowers etc that distinguish each in their individual beauty. All the plants themselves stretch towards each other and form a network of communication with their roots, linking with each other and passing from plant to plant a green knowledge that helps them grow and contribute to the total beauty of the landscape in which they live.
As humans we can definitely participate in this festival of life by carefully feeding the plants with rich organic nutrients, timely watering, weeding etc. As our hearts open to the sublime beauty of the life of the garden one begins to feel a new type of knowledge penetrating into ones life-a knowledge which is not dependent on books but on the direct perception of life as a totality. Gradually that strong sense of control and dominance begins to subside and one feels bit by bit their individual life dissolve into some grand mystery that includes seen and unseen influences that have a richness and fulness that softens ones being in a quiet unassuming way.
Vanilla CO2-Short Article
Vanilla CO2-extracts are about 200 times more powerful than the standard ´single-fold´ US vanilla extract. They develop an excellent, long lasting well balanced flavor impression and are used especially in premium food products. They combine well with conventional vanilla extracts by modifying, improving and boosting their organoleptic properties. Vanilla CO2-extracts are popular with flavorists and food technologists due to their rich and authentic flavor profile.

“Bourbon Vanilla" is the term used for high-grade beans of vanilla planifolia cured and fermented according to the process used on the Bourbon Islands in the Indian Ocean. The Bourbon Vanilla type is characterized by a well-balanced fine and rummy flavor impression without any harsh, woody, burnt or phenolic note.

Two different product types are simultaneously obtained during the CO2-extraction of vanilla beans. One, ´Vanilla 12´ with a vanillin content of 12 %, is a pasty liquid composed of vanilla lipids rich in top notes and saturated with vanillin. ´Vanilla 95´ with 95 % vanillin is made up of the beans surplus vanillin and accrues as a second phase during CO2-extraction. Vanilla 95 is crystalline and develops different from synthetic vanillin a rich flavor with a strong impact of vanilla beans. A mixture of both extracts in the ratio of their yields gives rise to a third product ´Vanilla 26´ with 26 % vanillin. This product represents the complete CO2-extract of vanilla beans.

Kind regards,