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Sweet Marjoram

Sweet Marjoram

Dear Friends,

For those of you have an interest in Natural Perfumery there is a wonderful book out which really captures the spirit of this ancient art and craft. The name of the book is Alchemy and Essence. It is written by Mandy Aftel who by good fortune lives near us. Suzanne is taking an intensive series of classes on creating natural perfumes along with 7 other lovely people and it is a total joy and happiness for everyone. Actually 3 of the students were over today in the afternoon doing olfactory explorations of the 200 plus attars, absolutes, essential oils, CO2 extracts, etc in stock. Such times are very precious in this life because everyone's heart is filled with the simple and pure joy of appreciating the wonders of the natural world and then figuring out how they might be combined to bring a ray of sunshine into the lives of others. The oils themselves when sniffed with concentration and appreciation naturally open up doors of creativity dwelling in the heart and then laughter bubbles forth in a natural expression of gladness for being alive and surrounded with so much beauty.

Mandy has kindly agreed to share her thoughts on oils highlighted in newsletters to appear in the future. She will be sharing her thoughts as to odor intensity, the basic qualities of the oils in terms of top, heart and base notes, what are possible combinations, etc. So that is something that should delight those of you who love finding ways to blend oils into exquisite creations. In the months to come Mandy will be teaching more and more and will be glad to consider invitations to share her precious knowledge with folks throughout the USA who are interested in this topic. She can be reached through her web site at:

A last reminder about the preorder for organic oils.Today is the last day to receive your order. It is a wonderful list that has developed and I am always very excited to do this. If you would like to understand a bit more about the process involved in getting a crop certified organic it would be worth looking at the web site listed below.
Reading this will give a good idea why organic oils are more expensive and also how much hard work goes into bringing such delightful items into our hands. I hope each of you will take a few quiet moments to radiate out to all the environments and peoples that bring such precious gems into our hands a big gigantic heartfelt "Thank You".

Soon after the 1st of the year I will put out a newsletter where you can join in with me for an order from Clive in South Africa. It will probably be ready(the newsletter) by the middle of the month. This will give all of you a chance to order some very unique and special conventional, organic and wild crafted essential oils, cold pressed fixed oils, absolutes,etc.

Sweet Marjoram/Orgiganum majorana
Synonyms Majorana hortensis (Moench.) , Origanum majoranoides (.) Knotted Marjoram [H], Marjolaine [E], Marjoram [H,E], Mayorana [E], Mayorana-So [E], Mercenkosk [E], Origanium [E], Sweet Marjoram [H,P,B], http://www.ibiblio.org/pfaf/cgi-bin/arr_html?Origanum+majorana

Marjoram is a highly perfumed herb with thick trusses of dainty white or purple flowers which make it a highly decorative herb that is suitable for the flower garden. In warmer climates it is a perennial, but it is treated as a half-hardy annual in colder areas since it will not survive a severe winter. Plants grow to 1-2 feet with a spread of about 8 inches. Flowers are tiny but plentiful and grow in clusters around the stem.

http://www.campbells-nrsy.com/ Handouts/herbs.htm


Essential Oil
Distilled from the leaves and flowering tops of the plant Origanum majorana.
Pale yellow or amber colored liquid warm-spicy, aromatic camphoraceous and woody odor that displays parts of the bouquet of nutmeg, cardamon, thyme and tea tree. An evanscent sweetness wafts through the central spicy, woody and herbaceous bouquet. The gently tingling sensation effected by the aromatic molecules perfuming the olfactory preceptors is pleasing and gently stimulating. As one studies the heartnotes in the first phase it is quite easy to detect individual spicy, camphoracious, woody and herbaceous notes but deep into the heartnotes and toward the base all the components begin to meld together in a very fine sweet harmonius perfume which is a balanced blend of the individual notes detected earlier on. A wonderful delicate sweetness pervades the entire composition. This seems to appear about 45 minutes into the dryout.

Odor Description : Citrus Terpenic Green Black Pepper
ALPHA-PINENE Plant 15 - 86 ppm BML
Odor Description : Fresh Camphor Sweet Pine Earthy Woody
ALPHA-TERPINENE Plant 183 - 1,050 ppm BML JBH
Odor Description : Woody Terpene Lemon
Odor Description : Sweet Woody Spice Clove Dry
BETA-PHELLANDRENE Plant 27 - 155 ppm BML
Odor Description : Sweet Fresh Pine Woody Hay Green
BETA-PINENE Plant 6 - 34 ppm BML
Odor Description : Sweet Fresh Pine Woody Hay Green
CARVONE Plant 12 - 69 ppm BML
Odor Description : Spice Bread Caraway
ESTRAGOLE Plant: 411
Odor Description : Sweet Phenolic Anise Harsh Spice Green Herbal Minty
Odor Description : Sweet Waxy Fruity Apple Grape Oily Brandy
Odor Description : Light Fruity Floral Waxy Soapy
Odor Description : Sweet Waxy Violet Orris
Odor Description : Sweet Rose Wax
GERANYL-ACETATE Plant 12 - 69 ppm HHB
Odor Description : Sweet Fruit Rose Lavender Fresh Green Fatty Terpene
LIMONENE Plant 18 - 103 ppm BML
Odor Description : Lemon Citrus Citral Fresh Sweet
LINALOL Plant 99 - 568 ppm BML
LINALYL-ACETATE Plant 3 - 17 ppm BML
Odor Description : Citrus Bergamot-lavender Woody
METHYL-CHAVICOL Plant 96 - 550 ppm WOI
Odor Description : Sweet Phenolic Anise Harsh Spice Green Herbal Minty
MYRCENE Plant 18 - 103 ppm BML
Odor Description : Fresh Peppery Terpy Spicy Balsam Plastic
Odor Description : Sweet Floral Orangeflower Citrus Dewy Pear
P-CYMEN-8-OL Plant 8 - 43 ppm BML
Odor Description : Sweet Fruity Cherry Coumarin Floral Camphor Cooling
P-CYMENE Plant 21 - 120 ppm BML
Odor Description : Fresh Citrus
TERPINEN-4-OL Plant 1,365 - 7,826 ppm BML
Odor Description : Pepper Woody Earth Musty Sweet
Odor Description : Woody Terpene Lemon
Odor Description : Fresh Sweet Lilac Floral Citrus Lime
TERPINOLENE Plant 75 - 430 ppm BML
Odor Description : Fresh Woody Sweet Pine Citrus
TRANS-ANETHOLE Plant 8 - 43 ppm BML
Odor Description : Sweet Anise Licorice Mimosa

Organic-non Certified Sweet Marjoram Oil/South Africa
GC Analysis In the future Clive will do his best to identify more components but for now these simple gc's are what is available.
Alpha Terpinene-3.351%
Para Cymene-4.48918%
Gamma Terpinene-7.33192%
Tran-Sabinene Hydrate-2.29161%
Cis-Sabinene Hydrate-8.10188%
Alpha Terpineol-2.79099%
Linalyl Acetate-3.05007%