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November Update

Fountain in Spanish Garden

Free Perfume of the Month

Noche Fragante Perfume is a complex perfume composed of over 60 essential oils, absolutes and CO2 extracts to create the lovely fragrance of the night air in Spain where one is captivated by the entrancing aromas of jasmine, orange blossoms, rose and many other wonderful scents. 
"How cool the drip of the fountain in the middle! Quite a grove of tropical plants is gathered round that fountain, drawing continual freshness from its waters. How richly hung are they with blossoms! . Sweet it is to come forth at the delicious hour of eve, and sit here and listen to the soft drip of the fountain, or inhale the fragrance which ascends from the orange-trees and other plants in the court below... There, without the fear of chill, or other evil, one can breakfast, dine, or even sup, while the stars look down upon him from the open vault of night."
Daybreak in Spain; or, Sketches of Spain and its new Reformation
 By James Aitken Wylie 



Nigella damascena

Special of the Month  --  Nigella Damascena

I was able to procure another small consignment of the lovely and unique Nigella damascene absolute. Nigella damascena absolute (not to be confused with Nigella sativa which has totally different olfactory properties) is a amber-colored  viscous liquid (in cool weather may partially solidify) displaying a rich, sweet fruity(wild strawberry-grape complex) , ambery bouquet with a fine  ethereal, warm, honey,  floral undertone. The wonderful rich fruity notes found in Nigella damascena  absolute are rarely encountered  in natural essencesand coupled with its ambery, floral accents gives it a fine exotic bouquet  of outstanding tenacity.
This is 25% off the price posted on the internet. Special price applies only to the 1/2 size.


New "Rare Essences" Section on the SHOP PageRare Essences Page
A new section of the website has been added called "Rare essences" .
It highlights in one place essential oils, co2 extracts, absolutes, ruhs and attars that we offer that are unique and often difficult to find.
These hard-to-find items include: