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Free Perfume of the Month: Arroyo

Grand Canyon at sunset

Free Perfume of the Month -- Arroyo

In March 2013, a free aromatic treat of Arroyo Perfume will accompany all wholesale orders of $100 or more (our wholesale minimum is $100). Arroyo perfume, a blend I created over a year ago (and for which I did not keep the recipe), is a combination of essences including Virginia cedarwood, juniper, frankincense and sage that is meant to  capture the  mystic beauty of the dry canon country of the Southwest.



"The snowdrop and then the violet Little girl in winter wood with big basket of snowdrops

Arise from the ground by the warm rain wet,

And their breath is mixed with the odor sent

From the turf, like the voice and the instrument."

Farm friends and spring flowers

---By Joshua Hughes Paul


During the Crimean War, when the allied forces were encamped before Sebastopol, and the long severe winter brought terrible privation and suffering to the troops, the soldiers watched and longed for some sign of the breaking of the winter. One day, in the latter part of February, a trooper came excitedly running into a tent, where a number of his comrades sat sadly thinking of home and friends. In his hand he held two or three small white flowers. " Look, look," he cried, " spring snowdrops." The men arose to their feet, uncovered their heads to the white blossoms, the first sign of returning spring, and wept like little children. From that time their courage revived rapidly, as day by day they searched for the bright little flowers. When they returned to England many of them brought with them bulbs of the plant, which had been to them such a joy. Thus the variety, known as the Crimean snowdrop, was introduced into England.

THE SNOWDROP - Katharine M. Beals



"Parijata" Attar Blend

This attar contains Ruh Gulab (Rosa damascena), Ruh Juhi (Jasminum auriculatum), Saffron CO, Tuberose absolute, Mukhallat Attar and several other costly essences. It displays an ethereal, sweet, fresh, floral-fruity bouquet with a sublime interlacing of saffron. READ MORE...


"Kadam" Attar Blend

In order to capture something of its rare and precious beauty a fine blend of natural essences has been prepared using neroli essential oil, frangipani absolute, golden champa absolute, nagarmotha essential oil, agarwood essential oil etc. It displays a rich, honey-sweet, powdery, green, floral-precious woods bouquet with a delicate minty undertone with fine tenacity. READ MORE...