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To weave garlands and deck themselves in brilliant wreaths…




Perhaps the affectionate regard which man bestows on flowers has arisen partly from a feeling of gratitude for the intense delight they are the means of conveying to children. - Who has not observed the gladsome eagerness with which the little ones rush forth up the  sunny lawn and fling themselves, as if, into their native element, among glowing beds of primroses, violets, and  daisies? To weave garlands and deck themselves in brilliant wreaths, seems  to be almost the first and the highest joy of childhood; and so universal is this love in children, that one could almost fancy that flowers were created for  their special enjoyment.
 --quote from Garden Flowers (1857) , image: "Summer" by Ivana Kobilca




New Arrivals

Arnica Flower Absolute

Nutmeg Absolute

Khus Nirali Attar
ruh khus into which has been incorporated ruh kewda, rose absolute and ambrette seed oil

Khus Masala Attar

 ruh khus with sweet spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, sweet fennel, ginger and cardamon

Khus Shahi Attar

ruh khus into which is incorporated saffron co2, ruh chameli, henna leaf co2, and tonka bean



Perfume of the Month

With all wholesale orders in June 2013, Zephyr Perfume will be sent free of charge.

All the free perfumes that are sent are ones that I have created over the years for which I did not keep a recipe.

They contain no less than 60 natural essences and as many as 120.

We have had many people request that we sell them these perfumes but they are not available for sale.

I only made small batches of them-just enough to send out with the orders that are made during the month that they are offered.