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Stories for our Distillers

fawnDear Friends--Kind greetings!

We hope that all of your are well and contented. Please Note! I am discontinuing my somanath@aol.com account. Kindly send emails to me at this new address: chris@wlaromas.com


Stories from our Distillers

Many of the companies we work with are involved in supporting farmers and distillers with their work and their stories are lovely to read.

One of the first companies we worked with when we started our business was Scatters Oils in South Africa.

Clive, along with his daugher Jessica and all their staff are doing an inspirational job there. Here is one of the many projects they are involved in-

Another company I work with is Vossen in Belgium and they have ongoing projects in Vietnam, India, Nepal, Albania and Ethiopia. Here is a story about their Albanian project

Free Perfume of the Month

1/2 ounce of Sylvan Retreat Perfume will be sent free of charge to all folks who place the regular minimum order during the month of July.


Monthly Specials

*Please note that special prices apply only to stock we have on hand.

Regarding the monthly specials also please note these important conditions:

1. There are absolutely no returns on specials. If you are not familiar with a particular essential oil then buy a sample first. In fact we encourage everyone who buys from us to first buy samples of those oils with which they are not familiar because in the world of natural essential oils many small differences can exist. Even the same genus and species of a particular essential oil like Lavandula angustifolia/Lavender can exhibit different olfactory traits depending on the season, country of origin, distillation technique etc

2. Please be aware that even when ordering specials the overall order must total a minimum of $100.

3. The 15% sale price (15% off the price currently listed on the web) will be deducted at the time we send you your invoice.

4. Although we are carefully ordering many organic essential oils, our operation is not certified organic itself so we cannot offer any third party certification papers, gc/ms, certificate of analysis etc for our oils. If you need this type of information then kindly send me an email and I will send you a list of distillers of certified organic oils from which you can order direct. They generally have minimums of 1-5 liters or kilos of a specific oil and 10 liter or kilos for a total order.

In order to be engaged in direct importation you need to fully acquaint yourself with the standard procedures of making wire transfers, working with couriers such as Fedex, UPS etc. It is not difficult to do but it requires patience and attention to many small details. Please do not ask distillers for free samples. You should give them your UPS or Fedex account number so they can send samples on your account. It is very expensive to send samples from overseas and this is an expense the buyer should be willing to bear.

Please note that I cannot coach you through all the different phases of importation. I can only supply you with a list of distillers doing quality work. It is totally up to the person receiving the list to make a success of their importation enterprise including solving any problems that may come up in receiving oils from a particular distillers. There is no 100% smooth path but one can succeed if they are patient and devoted to their work.


Recipe for the Month

templeShamama Base

1/2 ounce Frankincense eo or co2
3/4 ounce Labdanum incense note abs or any Labdanum absolute
1/4 ounce Ambrette eo or co2
1/4 ounce Myrrh eo or co2
1/2 ounce Oakmoss absolute
1/4 ounce Virginia cedarwood eo
1/2 ounce Sage Clary eo
1 ounce Siamwood

As mentioned in the last letter, I will be posting in succession the recipes for my versions of the complex traditional attars which we use to get from India. Black Musk has already been published. This months recipe is Shamama and next month will be Amberi. All three recipes are in their concentrated forms and can be further diluted in sandalwood, jojoba oil or fractionated coconut oil as per ones wish.

We do not sell these bases. The recipes have been created so that customers can make them for their own use. These recipes are very heavy on base notes and need to age for 6 months.

New Arrivals

We are continuing with the process of restocking many essential oils, co2 extracts, that form the core of our offerings. During the past month we have received consignments of these essences:

Essential oils

Frankincense/Somalia wild harvest
Opoponax/Ethiopia/wild harvest
Cinnamon bark/Sri Lanka/organic
Vetiver/Sri Lanka/organic
Coriander Seed/Hungary/organic
Helichrysum italicum/Corsica/organic
Ginger, fresh/Indonesia/organic
Clove Bud/Indonesia/organic
Peppermint/South Africa/organic
Ylang complete/Madagascar/organic
Juniper berry/Albania/organic
Cedarwood, Himalayas/India/organic
Basil, Holy/India/organic
Cedar, Atlas/Morocco/organic
Tansy, Blue/Morocco/wild harvest
Spruce, Black/Canada/organic
Bay Leaf/Jamaica/wild harvest
Calamus root/Nepal/organic

CO2 extracts

Ginger total co2 extract/India/organic
Ambrette seed select co2 extract/Ecuador/conventional
Myrrh select extract/Ethiopia/organic(this is a superb myrrh for those of you who are myrrh lovers)


Pine, Scotch Absolute/France(French extracted)
Jasmin gransiflorum absolute/Egypt
Rose, Damask Absolute/Turkey(French extracted)
Carnation absolute/Egypt
Geranium absolute/Egypt
Tonka Bean absolute/South America(French extracted)
Agalia seed absolute/China


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