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India Travel Journals, 1995-1998

India is a country with vast botanical resources that have been used since ancient times to enhance the lives of her people in multifarious ways. Aromatic plants, in particular have revered place in the hearts of India's people as the sublime beaty of the fragrances contained in them symbolize the mystery of life that cannot be seen with the eye yet pervades the entire creation.

Incense, cosmetics, perfumes, mouth refreshers, unguents and many other products have evolved over thecenturies that have been used to enhance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of the people. These various products have found there way into the social, political, cultural and religious lives of the people.

In 1995 I began traveling to India three times a year to explore these various aromatic traditions so that I might be able to share my discoveries with people in other parts of the world. Since that time I have traveled with my fragrance mentor, Mr. Ramakant Harlalka, of Mumbai to different regions of the country to see how these precious plants were being grown, harvested and used. The rural population which is substantial(over 700,000,000 million people live in India's countryside), are deeply involved in the growing of a large number of spices, herbs, roots, flowers, gums, resins, etc., for traditional uses and to supply the rapidly expanding essential oil industry with the raw materials for their products. In the months to come I will be giving up-to-date reports on my findings. Please check this page regularly for new and interesting information on this subject.

Journal 1:Visit to Kerala and Tamil Nadu--November 1995
             Part 1 -- Spice Oil Facility
             Part 2 -- Floral Extraction Facility
             Part 3 -- Jasmine and Tuberose Harvest
             Part 4 -- Tumeric and Sandalwood Area

Part 2: Visit to Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka--January 1996

Part 3: Visit to Rajasthan--July 1997

Part 4: Visit to Tamil Nadu-July 1998