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Gioia Perfume Newsletter

Tuscany landscape ©michele Galli"But from the memories which the fragrance of the orris stirs for desire no deliverance—they are too beautiful; for whenever a breath of its perfume blows across my way, I see again these pale purple lakes, wind-ruffled beneath the clinging silver mist of the olives; recall once more those still summer nights when the air was full of the scent of the drying roots, and in the profound silence, while the fire-flies wove their magical embroidery above the cornfields, the rising moon poured its pale gold upon the country, and the stars looked down upon the sleeping land."

--Tuscan Feasts and Tuscan Friends by Dorothy Nevile Lees

1/4 ounce Basil absolute

1/4 ounce Bay Leaf essential oil

1/4 ounce Violet Leaf Absolute

1/2 ounce Rosemary essential oil

1/2 ounce Neroli Essential Oil

2 ounces Bergamot essential oil

1/4 ounce Orris Root CO2 extract

1/4 ounce Genet "Broom" Absolute


This month we are presenting a perfume recipe which may provide some ideas for your own perfume creations. It is called Gioia (pronounced Joy-ah) -- the Italian word for "Joy."

It contains many natural essences that have been traditionally grown in Italy and Sicily and hopefully it captures something of the spirit of the land. Anyone who orders in the month of September and is considering making a similar perfume may request a sample of this intriguing essence.


September Specials

Helichrysum italicum  ©Goran StimacPrices posted here are 30% off those stated on the internet.


Helichrysum italicum essential oil (Bosnia) organic-1 ounce-$98   



Kindly note that the prices are for the stated quantity of the specific essential oil only.

No paperwork comes with the oils like gc/ms, certificate of analysis , msds etc.  Only the oils are sent.

There are absolutely no refunds on the specials.

Order a sample if you are not familiar with the materials.




Rose Leaf Absolute

Rose bush in a light rain ©Anthony RosenbergWe now have a VERY limited supply available of:

Rose Leaf Absolute (South Africa) /  Rosa damascena

It is $175 per ounce.

We sold out of this item very quickly last time we had it so if you are interested please get in touch with us soon.

Other new arrivals include:

Mitti Attar  

Shamama Attar 

Frangipani Absolute 

Coffee Blossom Absolute 

Swiss Stone Pine

Emerald Cypress Essential Oils





Aromatic Treats

Mt. Kailash ©Guenter GuniKailash, this month,s free perfume, is one for which I did not keep a record of the ingredients used.

It is composed of over 60 ingredients including rich and rare coniferous and herbal essential oils and absolutes which are meant to capture through fragrance some of the mystery and beauty of Mount Kailash, a sacred place of pilgrimage for Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Bons.
"Tibetan Buddhists call it Kangri Rinpoche; 'Precious Snow Mountain'. Bon texts have many names: Water's Flower, Mountain of Sea Water, Nine Stacked Swastika Mountain. For Hindus, it is the home of the mountain god Shiva and a symbol of his power symbol om; for Jains it is where their first leader was enlightened; for Buddhists, the navel of the universe; and for adherents of Bon, the abode of the sky goddess Sipaimen." ("Mount Kailash", Wikipedia )

All orders that meet the $100 wholesale mininum will receive 1/2 of Kailash Perfume.

All orders that reach $250 will receive 2 ounces of Resinous Accord (+ the Kailash Perfume).

All orders that reach $500 will receive 1 ounce of Royal Khus Perfume (+ the Kailash Perfume and the Resinous Accord).