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December 2012:  Christmas overlooking El Paso and Juarez

Christmas Luminarias, Overlooking El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico

Throughout the world, many cultures have special winter celebrations. The forms of celebration are as diverse as the cultures themselves, but at their core one finds thanksgiving for the sacred gifts of light, love, and life. Our heartfelt good wishes to each one of you in this joyful season -- Christopher and Suzanne






December Fragrant Quote

Forest Cottage, Lapland, Finland"Yet it isn't in any of these things that the deepest suggestion of Christmas lies. It is rather when I come from the woods on Christmas afternoon, across the snowy fields that are already stiffening up as the low sun sets till they creak under my snow-shoes, and draw near my own home when twilight is stealing down the eastern hills and hanging like a veil in my evergreens. Then I see, in the dark block of the house, two reddish gold squares of light, light that dances on the panes because the logs are snapping, the flames are wallowing up the chimney. I smell the smoke of them, a delicate fragrance on the cold winter air. Those golden window squares mean home, they mean not affluence, I am sure, nor yet poverty, but they are the result of wholesome struggle, which, I pray God, has harmed no other man."
--Walter Prichard Eaton