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December 2002

Dear Friends,
Today we will progress further with our exploration of olfactory perception.

Words beginning with B related to Olfactory Perception
bad, beautiful, best, better, bitter, bittersweet, black, bland, blithe, blue, bold, bright,botanical, brilliant, briny, broad, brown, buoyant, buttery
bake, bite, blend, boil, bracing, breathe, brew, broil, bruise, bubbling, budding, burning
balance, balm, balsam, balsam tolu, balsam peru, balsam copaiba. banana, bayberry, barbeque, bark, base, basil, batch, bath, bay, beach, beauty, benzoin, bergamot, berry, beeswax, beverage, bile, bind, biology. birch, bliss, bloom, blossom, body, bogey, bois de rose, bond, boronia, bough, bouquet, boutique, bower, bracken, bramble, branch, bread, breath, breeze, brine, brocolli, broom, bubble, bud, bulb, buoyancy, burn, butter

Researching on the Internet

Many people ask me how I go about doing internet research on a specific plant. It is a fairly easy thing to do but it requires an abundant amount of patience.
The search engine of choice for me is Google
You can do a general search or you can even do a search just for images related to the plant you are working on.
In the beginning you may wish to adopt the widest search parameters. Suppose you are going to research frankincense. You may just type frankincense in the field. Then you may wish to refine your search. You can do it in any number of ways.
First of all you may find more specific information by searching the botanical name of the plant:
Boswellia or Boswellia serrata(Indian frankincense), Boswellia carteria, Boswellia sacra, etc.
Then you may refine your search further by adding a connected word like;
Boswellia serrata history
Boswellia serrata phytochemicals
Boswellia serrata monographs
Boswellia serrata description
Boswellia serrata legends
Boswellia serrata poetry
Boswellia serrata safety data
Bosweelia serrata msds
Boswellia serrata gas chromatography
It is very important that you use all your creative thinking powers to uncover the information you need. Search engines are peculiar creatures that turn up interesting information only if they recognize certain combinations of words.
It is a little like a treasure hunt. I generally spend 10-20 hours researching a topic.
I think the most important thing to realize is that you need to work at this type of research. There is an astounding information on the internet but you have to dig very deep and be patient.
It is a very exciting treasure hunt to make and I would encourage all of you to use this invaluable resource. It can help your customers immensely as well..
For those of you doing direct sourcing here are a few updates-

Direct Sourcing

I would also like to mention that as our times evolve, direct sourcing may be the key to economic survival for many of us. I am seeing prices go up on many oils especially organic ones and also shipping rates have increased dramatically from several countries. A person selling oils on this end has therefore to increase their prices to keep afloat. It is a unique challange because the general consumer is very price conscious but may not be very quality conscious. Lots of oils bear the name patchouli for instance but may not be aware of what constitutes an authentic patchouli oil(and if you think that a gc is proof that an oil is authentic then you may be surprised to find that this is not much of a guarantee. It is far more important that you know who the distiller is or at least no that the company has an impeccable record for devotion to naturals). When prices start to go up on the international scene then a lot of adulteration begins to happen because sellers are aware that buyers are more interested in price than in the product itself. So this leaves the smaller entreprenuer scrambling to figure out how to both maintian their intergrity and be somewhat competitive. For many of us there is no substitute for authentic oils and there is no joy in buying oils that have been standardized no matter how cheap they might be. So in this regard we have to think of how we can keep progressing on our chosen path while maintaining quality at every level. So this is where direct sourcing comes in.
If you can develop the planning skills to get involved in direct sourcing for at least some of your oils, absolutes, C02 extracts, then it can prove a boon both for you and your customers.
It is very very important though to approach these distillers and extractors with a lot of sincerity. Sending samples is very costly using courier services and I highly recommend that you offer to pay for samples if you request them. Simple courier charges alone can amount to $38 for a small package. So one should be sincere in this type of thing.
I think most of you have the earlier letters with accompanying addresses I sent out on direct sourcing but if not I will happily send that information along.