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Blog Announcement

April 2009 Blog Announcement
"Baffled by the sweet mystery of it all, one marvels yet again how Nature from the same old mixing-bowl of brown earth, stirred by long sunbeam fingers, can produce a million different odor. And though for eons and eons she carries on her sweet necromancy under our very eyes, nay, more under our very noses,--we still know as little how she does it as the first man who ever yielded to the enchantment of a rose."
--from The Redolent World by Ellen Burns Sherman


Today marks the opening of the White Lotus Aromatics Blog site. Since we have been preparing the template, etc for it there is not new posting this month in the series of aromatic accords. That will resume next month.

The main focus of the blog will be to present in depth olfactory analysis of essential oils, co2 extracts etc.

The method I have adopted for doing this will be explained in the first blog posting. It is just one of many approaches to this intriguing and challenging subject. The main idea beyond making this attempt is to encourage others to develop their own method of careful analysis of the materials they are using in their various aromatic pursuits.

The value of creating an internal olfactory memory database is significant. It is one of the most important creative tools that a person who enjoys the world of natural aromatics can possess. The deeper one goes into a single essence, the greater the appreciation, respect and admiration grows for the botanical world which presents us with so many unique fragrant treasures. In a sense one has to work patiently and diligently to probe into the mysterious world of scent in order to gain some personal knowledge of a world that has no audible or visual components that we are more familiar with, but at the same time it is a very creative and exhilarating study with many unique benefits. The more time one spends creating a strong relationship with the many faceted character of a single essence the more one begins to see how to interweave it with other essences to create new and beautiful aromatic creations.

Even if one were to go no further than to explore the individual essences just for the sake of an enjoyable activity-the time spent would be well rewarded. It is an altogether enchanting world and with a a bit of focused attention on the subject one can reconnect with a special world that moves according to simple, graceful, measured pace and which is inhabited by a lovely international community of plant beings who quietly share their refined beauty with those who are open to their beneficial influence.

I hope to be able to make 3-5 contributions to the blog each week. The personal observations on individual odors will be accompanied by literary quotations on the specific plant from which the odor originates, links to sites pertaining to that plant, other oils with which the essence blends well, etc.
Also video clips will be interjected at appropriate intervals that pertain to the subject. I hope that it may be an enjoyable experience for all. Before closing I would like to remind everyone that the observations shared are those of a true novice. They are only shared so that others might feel inspired to proceed on their aromatic quest in a way that suits their unique temperament.