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The bluebird knows it is April



Listen a moment, I pray you; what was that sound thatI heard?

Wind in the budding branches, the ripple of brooks, or a bird?

Hear it again, above us! and see a flutter of wings!

The bluebird knows it is April, and soars toward the sun and sings.

Winged lute that we call a bluebird, you blend in a silver strain

The sound of the laughing water, the patter of spring's sweet rain,

The voice of the winds, the sunshine, the fragrance of blossoming things,

Ah! you are an April poem, that God has dowered with wings!

     ---THE BLUEBIRD.-—Eben E. Rexford.





New "Specials" Section

We have added a new "Specials" section which at any one time contains 15-20 essential oils, c02 extracts, etc.  that we regularly offer.

The prices though are from 10-35% off of our regular prices.

New oils will be cycled in and ones currently posted in the Specials section cycled out from month to month.

So be sure to visit that section regularly as many well known and lesser known oils will be found there.

The special prices apply to all sizes that the essences are offered in.










New Arrivals

Copal Bark CO2/Africa

Rose Otto/Bulgaria

Tarragon Absolute/France

More New Arrivals...