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Mediterranean Breeze

When one endeavors to create a perfume one has a wealth of resources to draw upon. The path one will take to realize their aromatic vision can arise in response to a particular region of the world or even a specific place, where fragrant plants grow that capture its beauty. Sea of GalileeOnes own experiences in those places and/or literary references to those geographical locations can act as a stimulus to ones imagination.

The "seed" inspiration for this perfume arose as I was reading through Ernest Guenther's, Essential Oils, Volume VI, which in turn inspired me to search out other authors who journeyed into this magical region of the world:

"The essential oil expert and perfumer who has traveled extensively is inclined to associate some places he has visited with certain odors. The scent of otto of rose will always remind him of the 'Valley of the Roses' in Bulgaria, the fragrance of jasmine will recall nights in Seville or Grenada, the heavy perfume of ylang ylang will bring back memories of Nossi-Be, a little island of the coast of Madagascar. On of the most unforgettable odors is that of labdanum, whose, sweet, warm, balsamic odor permeates sunny patches in the pine forests that cover some of the islands in the Mediterranean or stretch along the rocky coasts of that beautiful blue sea. In the natural habitat of the plant its perfume blends with that of pine, and perhaps sage, lavender, or thyme , producing an aroma that one may truly call Mediterranean... "

I have included the above named plants along with a few others in my own interpretation of the Mediterranean aroma and have included some additional literary passages to bring the subject to life.

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