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"Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise." Psalms 98:4

The winter season is approaching and here in the Pacific Northwest the crisp cool days are upon us. The winds and rains have stripped bare the last leaves of the deciduous trees and the stately conifers have now come to the forefront. When we walk in the mornings up the hill from our home the grand view of the snow-capped Olympic Mountain Range is before us and sometimes, the sunrise illuminates the towering peaks with a brilliant warm light bathing them in an ethereal glow.

The graceful and quiet season of the year is treasured by us along with all the other seasons. It is a time of celebration as well: celebrating the simplicity and sweetness that reveals itself when outer forms are reduced to their essential form as happens when the trees lose their leaves and their elegant forms stand out in their pristine beauty. We enjoy as well the winter storms, followed by crystal clear days, and the occasional snow that wraps Port Angeles. The shortened days and the long nights also have their charm. The natural flow of the day encourages one to slow down and reflect upon the precious life that has been given and this in turn encourages to use our remaining years in a more considerate way.

Throughout the world many cultures also have special celebrations that in some way inspire people to appreciate the sacred gift of life. The forms of celebration are very diverse but at their core one can often find a key similarity which is the aspiration to lead a more balanced, compassionate and simple life.

Considering this in my own small way I thought to create a perfume called Rejoice which to my mind conveys a happy spirit of content and joy. Bringing together lively spicy scents, deep forest essences and delightful resinous ones the perfume was composed as an odiferous ode to this season of contemplation and reflection.

Please note that this is a perfume recipe, not a blend to be taken internally.

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