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Autumn Light

After the summer pageant of odors, sounds and sights, Autumn arrives with her own unique gifts to cherish in the heart. The grand cycles of nature are always beckoning to us to slow down and pace our lives so that we can realize that we are participants in a grand mystery that gradually unravels itself to the patient and kindly heart. Autumn with the cooler temperatures, the long slant of the sun's light, the refulgent colors of the leaves of the deciduous trees, the rich odors wafting in the cooler air-encourage one to approach life with a gentle, clear reverence so that some of the deeper treasures hidden within can emerge and become part of one's life.

I thought it might be a fine exercise to locate some of the quotes on the scents of Autumn and also try to create a perfume that would in some way reflect the spirit of the season. My attempts to capture different aromatic themes in a perfume are only meant to encourage others to purse their own unique perfume visions, whatever they might be. There are countless approaches to this fragrant domain with ample room for each and every person to explore. Such endeavors are themselves part of the experience of learning to observe life with care and concentration because whenever we become an active participant in a creative process our whole approach changes as we need to personally observe the cause and effect nature of what we are doing. Such simple home activities can provide many hours of quiet entertainment, the end result being a creation that is often a personal delight and perhaps one that is enjoyed by others as well.

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